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5 Cool Tips to Secure Your Whatsapp

5 Cool Tips to Secure Your Whatsapp
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As we all know Whatsapp is world’s most plausible messaging app. It has billions of active users. People stay connected with their Friends, Family, Relatives on Whatsapp. There is no app which can beat Whatsapp. It has been ruling on people’s heart since last few years. It is completely fast and secure messaging app.
Whatsapp always tries to keep it more secure in new updates. In 2016 they introduced end to end encryption to make messaging more secure. But that’s not the end, There are also many other ways by which we should keep it more secure.
So guys here in this post, we have come up with 7 Cool Tips to keep it more secure.

1. Use Two Factor Verification

As you know SIM cloning is so easy. People can make a clone sim of yours and using that to access your whatsapp account in their phone. So here, Two Factor Verification is enough to stay secure from those idiots. Enabling this feature Nobody else can set up your whatsapp account on their phone until they enter the Six Digit Secret code, that you’ve made. You can access Two Factor Verification by following below steps-

  1. Go to Setting>> Account
  2. Click Two-Step Verification
  3. Enable it and Create 6-Digit PIN
  4. Done!

You must use this feature to keep your whatsapp account secure.

2. Restrict Access to Your Profile Pic

Nowadays even profile picture isn’t secure. If it goes on wrong hands, it can easily misused. All they need, is your Whatsapp number. So keeping it in mind, There is an option available to restrict your profile picture from new contacts. You can set yourself who can see your profile picture. To enable it, just follow below steps-

  1. Go to setting>>Account>>Privacy
  2. Click on Profile Photo
  3. Set it up as you want to let other see, available options are Everyone, My contacts, Nobody
  4. Done!
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3. Hide photos from Gallery

Every can access what you’ve downloaded from whatsapp through Gallery until you enable this great feature. Luckily we can hide our whatsapp images easily. Here is how you can-

  1. Go to your File Manager
  2. Head over Whatsapp Images folder and rename it with .nomedia
  3. That’s it, Now none can access whatsapp images on the gallery section

This way you can hide videos also.

4. Lock Whatsapp

If you have highly sensitive content in Whatsapp and want to keep it compeltely private, you can use third party apps to Lock WhatsApp App. There are many apps available but I highly recommend App Lock. App lock has millions of downloads in play store. You can set a pattern lock or pin to lock whatsapp.

5. Watch out for Scams

Few years back, some users got the messages saying renew your whatsapp subscription by paying few bucks and one link was given to pay the amount. Many users were trapped. They target Whatsapp groups to scams. So keeping yourself from suspicious links, misleading contents and a magnet for phishing scandals, You must report them to whatsapp.


So these were the 5 Cool tips to keeping your Whatsapp more secure. By following these tips, I’m sure you can keep your whatsapp secure. If you have any other good tip, then let me know in comment box. If it seems helpful for readers, then I’ll mention that in this article.


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