5 Cyber Security Threats Businesses Must Know

5 Cyber Security Threats Businesses Must Know
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All businesses are online these days. If you don’t have an online presence and are not selling on the internet, then chances are, nobody knows about you. It is the demand of the times and hence the reason for having a business website, online marketing and social media accounts for your organization is an absolute must. But here is where another risk comes into the picture – cybersecurity. Alarmed at the sound of it? Well, you should be. Research shows that 56% of responders out of 900 security professionals state that cybersecurity has now become a political thing. It is not affecting the personal lives of the people, but their businesses as well.

Worried? Before getting into any kind of panic mode, read on to find out the 5 cybersecurity risk for your business and how you can make sure that your organization stays safe at all times.

1.    Malware

Malware or malicious software is a computer program that can cause destruction to any computer that it is in. Malware includes everything from worms to viruses, spyware to Trojan horses and more. Believed to be one of the biggest threats to cybersecurity, malware can get into your system and gain access to all kinds of information about your organization. This means, through a malware your security network can be breached.

So how do they access your system? Through an email, or through some kind of online interaction. This is the reason all your network needs to be protected with cybersecurity software. Keep in mind though that you will need to regularly update as well upgrade the software so that new threats can be kept at bay.

You will also need to train all the employees to be extra careful before accepting any kind of email or accessing devices that may cause danger to the company’s computers or laptops.

2.    Employees and Freelancers

This may sound rather dramatic to you, but this is a rising cyber threat that companies are just now taking more seriously, that is the employees and freelancers they hire. What happens is this, not all employees are aware of cybersecurity risks and do not understand just how clicking open a random email or link can literally lead to the corruption of the organization’s entire security system.

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There are scammers and hackers ready to attack from wherever they can and this means your employees need to be educated. Conduct courses on how to recognize malware or how to alert the IT department if something strange is bothering them on their PC or someone is persistently emailing them on their office email address. Address security concerns and involve them in the process of helping the organization control cybercrime. This is the only way to ensure that your employees don’t get sold out and become the cause of your organization’s destruction.

3.    Internet of Things

If you are not aware of the world of internet technology, then the concept of IoT may be new for you. Did you know that devices of the world have been given their own IPs, so by the year 2020, every person will have their own internet connected devices? This is known as the Internet of Things.

This includes everything from electronics, appliances, smartphones, and entertainment devices. Commercial and industrial IoT include device trackers, manufacturing systems, valves, pumps, meters, industrial manufacturing system and more. What this refers to is that everything part of your office can become the source of security concern.

If even one thing is hacked, cybercriminals can get into your security system, access your accounts and scam you of not just money, but important trade secrets as well. Experts believe that by 2020 cyber-attacks from IoT will rise to 25%. You need to make sure that your security systems are ready to protect your systems from the Internet of Things.

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4.    Phishing

55% of cybersecurity experts believe that phishing is the most vital of internet threats. The reason is that phishing involves human error and involvement. As mentioned above, until your employees understand the hazards and risks of cybersecurity, you cannot stop the threats from taking place regularly. Research suggests that most of the breaches that cause phishing to occur happen because of human error. Therefore, there is a dire need for awareness campaigns and education.

From layered defense systems to awareness programs, together all these aspects can strengthen your cyber security and reduce instances of malware taking over your systems. Get someone who is an expert in cybersecurity involved in your day-to-day safety tasks.

5.    Cloud-Based Threats

These are becoming far too common for comfort. As much as the cloud is a boost for the business, it can also be one of the most hazardous forms of a cybersecurity breach. The reason is simple, cloud means you connect to servers other than your own, which can ultimately be hacked or controlled remotely. Your data can be seen, tracked, and malicious traffic can get a hold of whatever information you are uploading on cloud servers. This is the reason most cloud providers also assure you some kind of cybersecurity. But is it enough? This is something that only someone familiar with cloud threats can inform you about.

So what is the one major thing you need to do to protect your business from cyber-attacks of any kind? Get in touch with someone who knows everything about cyber threats and also knows how to get rid of them, making your system secure. Get in touch with professionals to ensure that your business stays safe of any kind of security breach. Good luck.