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5 Distinct Types of Tweets and their Purposes

5 Distinct Types of Tweets and their Purposes
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Twitter is considered as one of the popularity signal of a person or a company. A person with biggest number of fan following mostly get more reputation and will be successful.

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5 Distinct Types of Tweets and their Purposes

To increase the fan following here are 5 Distinct Types of Tweets and their Purposes. Through this way, you are likely to get most likes, re-tweets and followers,

  1. Original Blog posts – bring traffic to the blog, which drives traffic and leads to vendors and builds our own following
  2. Vendor Profiles – these are the main page for our listed software – this is where a given vendor’s
  3. Reviews of Software – Mobilized reviews of exceptional vendors – helps drive leads to that vendors profile and their site
  4. Landing Pages – software categories that help SMBs find software they are looking for and give leads to our vendors.
  5. Comparisons of Software – direct mention of two solutions that compete – helps SMBs find solutions – helps place lesser known vendors in the same ranks as more prominent solutions.
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