5 Must Have Travel Apps To Help You Plan A Trip in 2018

5 Must Have Travel Apps To Help You Plan A Trip in 2018
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Well, pretty much all of us use a smartphone in our day to day life. Right from booking movies, taking those Instagram and Snapchat selfies or just shopping for the latest trend. Our smartphones are capable of doing it all for us. Traveling, which was once a big hassle for travellers is now like an old bad dream, thanks to the introduction of good and reliable travel apps for iphone today. Today, new travel apps can help you do them all.

5 Must Have Travel Apps

In this post, we look at the 5 must have travel apps that are a must have for every traveller in 2018:

1. Skyscanner:

Looking for great flight deals on your travelsand ? Well, look no further than the Skyscanner app. What this app does is compare the prices of flights from a large assortment of airlines with which you can choose your best vacation packages and make a booking instantly. The search and filtering function makes your flight searching endeavor easy and peaceful.

2. Rome2Rio:

How many times have you faced the problem of local commute during your vacation to international destinations? Not anymore, with the Rome2Rio app, you now get access to more than 4800 transport operators across 158 countries. May it be flights, bus, ferry, train or self driving options. You can get instant estimates with a click of a button.The apps also allows great deals and cheap travel options for frequent travellers.

3. Rebtel:

While international calling is not a hassle anymore unlike earlier days with the presence of apps like WhatsApp and Skype but there is one thing these mediums have a problem with. You need a steady internet connection and wifi whenever you want to make a call back home. A quick alternative, Rebtel which is helping overseas travellers make cheap phone calls. Rebtel basically takes over local phone lines and get you the best calling rates. Rebtel currently has a “rebel calling” offer going on for patrons wherein you can call family and friends for free if they too are using the rebtel app on their phones.

4. Posto:

Another one of traveller’s woes include finding a good place to eat or drink cocktails. You need to ask your local valet, hotel manager and what not just to get a good place to chill and enjoy some food and drinks. With Posto, you can now easily track down good places to eat and drink. The app also keeps a track of your favorite dining experiences and offers you alternatives on the different places in the local area. Looking for more such travel tips? Then be sure to visit Savvy Expeditioner.

5. ITranslate:

Picking up the local dialect can really be a challenge and especially when you have to bargain over something that you like and want to purchase or maybe just ask about the directions to that local food truck around you. The Itranslate app works in the form of a translator and providing your translating texts, voice to voice conversations etc. The app also works offline for when you are not connected to the internet and need a translator.

So there we have the 5 best travel apps that every traveller should use in 2018.