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5 Social Media Marketing Ideas for business in 2017

5 Social Media Marketing Ideas for business in 2017
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With over 2 billion users, social media websites have become the most favorite marketing platform for the marketers worldwide.

It doesn’t matter your business is a small or multi-billion dollar, it has become important to show your presence on the social media websites, or else your consumers will forget you.

That is why every marketer is now launching its product on the Internet and social media rather than launching it using the different means of marketing like TVCs and print marketing.

The social media marketing is important for every business rather anyone agrees with it or not.

Which is why I am writing this article to tell you about those “5 ideas for social media marketing in 2017” which can do wonders for your business.

1. Create a Killer Content:

Content is a king in the digital marketing. Social media and other digital marketing platforms are the only places where people read more than just watching the videos and images.

Moreover, most of the videos and pictures require texts too to explain the idea and motive behind it. That is why having a killer content in your social media postings and ads is imperative to attract your customers.

This will not only increase your sale for the short term but will also help you in engaging your customers directly through different activities.

2. Create the videos to describe your product:

In the initial stages of social media marketing, the marketers were not using the videos as the tool of marketing and were only using images for this.

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However, marketers were focusing on the videos closely and waiting for some lead so they can be sure about the benefits of using videos for marketing.

They didn’t wait for long because when Facebook release their yearly stats, it proved that people are watching videos at a very healthy rate.

This is how videos get also started using as the tool of marketing.

That is why, you also have to create the videos in which you not only describe your product with the texts or any voice-over, but you can also add animations and different things in it to attract the customers.

3. Start with the smaller audience:

If you have the capital and budget and you are using paid marketing, then it is important to start with the smaller audience than targeting everyone.

Social media website is really quick, and you start getting the responses in just mere seconds. There are many benefits of gradually increasing the size of your audience.

For example, if something goes wrong with the content or image of your ad, it will only impact on the smaller part of your consumers than everyone which can cost you additional money and time to recover.

4. Be agile and respond to customer’s concerns:

Customers like when the companies talk to them or respond their queries.

However, it is not easy for the company or social media marketing agency to respond each and every query.

But with the help of Chatbots, this has become slightly easy and will become easier with the increase in efficiency of the Chatbots.

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The websites like Facebook has its own Chatbots. Just set them with the most general answers of the queries and keep your audience engaged with you.

5. Do not bombard your product:

I know every company wants to show their product or service as much as possible to the consumers.

However, this mindset doesn’t work in the social media marketing. We all use social media websites for engaging with our friends and families and to have some entertainment.

If someone starts showing us the things which we don’t want to see, we have the option to unfollow that person.

That is why it is important to do general things like using viral trends in your ad or just have some chit chat with the customers, so they don’t get annoyed watching your name in their newsfeed.

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