5 Ways to Optimize your App for the Holiday Season

5 Ways to Optimize your App for the Holiday Season
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Well, it is that time of the year where we are gearing up to not only celebrate Christmas but also to welcome a brand new year. The last quarter of the festivities where people are swarming the streets for buying gifts for their friends and family and decorative items to decorate their home. Well, not just the streets people are even looking up the online stores to buy the best festive gifts and things that they can get their hands on.

And, as we know that people nowadays prefer buying stuff online instead of wandering through the markets and here the entrepreneurs and app developers should grab the golden opportunity of this festive season and provide their customers with a greater platform helping them find what they are really looking for.

If we look at the stats of mobile retail commerce of the past two years and even one of the surveys recently reported that holiday based apps are downloaded more when the last quarter of the year approaches:

  • In the fourth quarter of 2015, the retail sales amounted to 11.88 billion U.S. dollars &
  • In the year 2016, the retail sales surmounted to 17.12 billion U.S. dollars.

Hence, if you are an entrepreneur or a Mobile App Developer in India then these figures makes it pretty obvious that getting your apps ready for the holiday season will add to the sales as well as customers of your application. Let’s see how you can get your apps a holiday makeover:

A Holiday Makeover:

Well, app designing is indeed a critical factor when it comes to attracting and retaining customers and designing for holiday based apps are no exception.  Instead, you get to experiment with so many elements while preparing your app for the holiday season. You can redesign your homepage where prior to Christmas and New Year you can give glimpses of the festive offers and sales that are going to be available during the holiday season. For example, if you have a travel app you can add pictures of destinations where Christmas and New Year are celebrated in a grand way and even add offers relevant to it.

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Moreover, as the festivals are all about joy and celebration you should design a unique holiday theme for your application. It should match the essence of the celebrations for e.g. using decorative elements like snowflakes, Christmas tree, Santa Claus, Mistle Toe, candy canes, etc. in your logo or banners can help you bring in the festive flair in your application. You can even add snowman design pop-ups with discounts and greeting messages.

Adding Loyalty Programs:

See customers are always looking for discounts and sales offers whenever they are shopping online. And the holiday season is the perfect time to pique your customers’ interest by syncing loyalty programs with your app. Your loyalty programs should be unique and in accord with the holiday season. Put a hold on the gift cards and the loyalty points instead go with giveaways (t-shirts, decorative items, holiday mugs, etc.) or mega discount offers.

Adding a special holiday “giveaway” campaign:

A giveaway campaign is perhaps the most effective way of drawing in new users and even retaining the existing ones. You can make use of emails and social media channels to spread the word about your campaign and distribute the giveaway products among selected loyal customers.

Leveraging emails & notifications:

Yes, you must have been sending your customers emails and push notifications about special deals on your products and services on a regular basis but for festive season you need to do something convivial for your customers.

You can use emails and push notifications to send festive offers and deals where you must consider decorating the emails and notifications with holiday visuals. You can even plan an email campaign prior to the start of the holiday season.

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Feature the “Products” & “Services”

Well, in order for your customer to relate to your products and services you need to make changes to your services as well as your products list according to any approaching festive or holiday season. Your products and its relevant categories should be in tune with your customers’ demands as this will help you in generating more sales as well as attract and retain more customers.

Author Bio: Kinjal Patel is an internet marketing manager of Vrinsoft Technology.