6 Reasons Why Companies Should Use Cloud Hosting

6 Reasons Why Companies Should Use Cloud Hosting
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Cloud technology has taken the market by storm, and is been waving high in every tech field. It has emerged as one of the biggest revolution in tech industry and is quickly changing the norms of commercial market.

Talking about Cloud technology relevance to the web industry, the highly advanced and uniquely pioneered Cloud hosting is quickly making inroads in the market. Today, many big techs are moving towards cloud hosting to deploy their web portfolio. It brings numerous advantages and features under its lid, that is why is one of the most wanted asset these days in the web world.

Unlike shared or dedicated hosting, cloud hosting gives web agencies flexibility, scalability and many other flawless features to work with. In a nutshell, Cloud hosting is a complete solution to cater all the web metrics.

Reasons Why Every Company Should Go for Cloud Hosting

So, below are some of the reasons why every web developer, ecommerce store owner, agency and other users should move towards cloud hosting. Here are some of the points why you should have Cloud hosting for your next web app:


When taken the measures in speed, Cloud hosting is a lot more faster and safer as compared to shared hosting. It delivers much faster speed with greater optimized features. Because having a shared or any other conventional web hosting with MySQL and PHP support, you are sharing your web resources with other websites, which eventually slows down your performance.

But with Cloud hosting, you get optimum speed for all your web operations, as there is no dependence of resources on the hosting. To get the verification check, you can perform the DNS speed test of different servers, and will always get the Cloud hosting as the winner of the lot.


The best thing about Cloud hosting is its flawless ability to scale at any time. Many times you are unaware about the resource usage limit required for your web application, typically ending up on short of space. But with Cloud hosting, you have the ability to scale up the resource limit anytime depending upon the need of it.  

You can easily scale up or down the space limit depending on how much you require for the web traffic. For instance, if you have an ecommerce web application that experiences traffic seasonally, you can scale up its resource limit easily when the bar surges high in traffic.

While if operating on a shared hosting, you don’t get the same liberty as the increasing traffic might end up crashing your website. As a result, you keep upgrading the plans of your hosting every time, spending time and some hefty bucks of money.

You Only Pay For What You Use

If you have quiet months where you hardly use any, you’ll only pay for what you use.

The feature allows you to only pay for the resources when they are in use and simply not forces to pay when they are not. For example, when your web application gets a sudden spike in traffic, you will expand your resources as required and will pay accordingly. When the demand and utilization is done, there is no need to pay for them for the vacant future use.

For some, it looks quite costly, but in real is very effective and intelligent. As you are only paying for the services when you need them.

Regular Data Backup & Recovery

One more extravagant feature of Cloud hosting is its data backup and regular recovery mechanism. Cloud hosting makes sure that your website data always stays on the safer side, that is why configures the hosting with regular data backups.

This allows you to restore your important web data in the wake of any accidental failure. The information is stored on different web servers, ensuring data redundancy to the top of table. Moreover, continuous data monitoring keeps the users notified about the state of the data being used and possible security checks.


Putting Cloud hosting in simple means, they are super-customizable. The hosting technology gets molded according to your needs, providing tools and resources whenever you need to manage the demands of the web application. Opting the Cloud hosting, you get lot of options to work with that makes your optimization super effective and right on top.

On the other hand, a dedicated or shared hosting might also look the same, but the cost factor makes them knee-down to the super-customizable Cloud hosting. That is why lot of agencies, developers and other users find ease working with Cloud hosting as it matches their web demands and allows them to work flexibly.

Zero Downtime

The flexibility of Cloud hosting makes it one of the best hosting solutions in the market. It has the repute to give web apps zero downtime over any circumstances. That is because the structure of Cloud servers are designed in a manner that if one server goes down due to any accidental failure, the other always stands ready on time to bare the load.

That is why it is highly unlike that being on Cloud hosting, you will ever face any downtime or server crashes. In fact, Cloud servers are made to guarantee 100% uptime with maximum performance and speed that no other hosting solution gives.

Final Words

So, coming to the end of this article, it is pretty obvious that cloud hosting is the next pioneering solution. It gives agencies, web developers, online store owners and other users a perfect platform to cater all web needs. The cost-effective and efficient web solutions provided by Cloud hosting makes it one of the best platforms in the market to deploy web apps. As it provides top-notch data security, flawless web performance and innovative scalability features to cope up all user needs. In short, it’s a complete solution for all the web artisans who are tired of conventional hosting hassles.

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