7 Best Educational Apps for Android

7 Best Educational Apps for Android
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Education is all about learning and grooming.

As the world changes the pattern of learning and grooming changes too. And same thing is going on in today’s world. It was a time when a child loves to read about Ottoman Empire in books but now he or she loves to watch videos about it or use any application that either would have flashcards to tell the users about emperors and monarchs of Turkish Empire.
But remember not every line is good to read in the same way not every application or educational app is good to use because some would have accurate information and some would have wrong and wrong one might be interpreted in a very wrong direction.

So in order to make education a fun process that would lead you to the gateway of greenness and success, there are several apps which are much more informative than others. Some of them are:

  • Khan Academy:

    Khan Academy is one of the largest educational app that contains more than 4000 videos on different subjects wither it is related to Maths, Geography, Arts or Programming. Moreover, the videos have valid information which is usually provided by experts of the field. Furthermore, there are also videos regarding the preparation of competitive exams like SAT and admission test of medical school. Other than this, there are also guidance on it regarding what subject should be selected.
    It is one the best platform to learn Maths and Computer Programming.

  • TED App:

    If you are a learner who learn fast by listening then you should go for TED App. TED is basically an organization that leads to the gateway of revolution.
    There are more than 1,700 videos in it which covers the different topics of science, arts, culture, music, business and motivation.
    The lectures in their videos are given by famous personalities of the world who are leading in their fields.
    It is the best way to learn Science and business.

  • Wolfram Alpha:

    A student’s mind is always full of questions and queries. Sometimes those questions might lead to insult when asked in classroom which could shatter the confidence and after which he or she afraid to ask anymore.
    But it doesn’t mean that they would lock their minds in a dark box. They can still ask questions not from a teacher but from an application, Wolfram Alpha.
    Wolfram Alpha has the answers of around all of your questions. It is the best way to learn Algorithms.

  • Periodic Table:

    Chemistry is not easy to learn, especially its chemical formulas and reactions. But videos always make hydrogen’s reaction with water or oxygen remembering.
    Royal Society of Chemistry’s Periodic Table App helps the students to learn all reactions and periodic table with fun.
    There are many podcasts and videos regarding it of different levels ranging from beginner to expert.

  • Star Walk:

    Is there any person in the world who would not love to see and know about stars and galaxy?
    No there are not.
    To learn about different stars, galaxies and nebula, you can download Star walk!
    Star Walk has the information of around 200,000 stars and constellations. Other than this, it also tells you about different celestial even that are going to take place in the current calendar. And most importantly, it also let you see sky at night according to different time intervals.

  • You Tube:

    Although You Tube is the house of many humorous and vulgar videos, it also has some informative videos too.
    There are many videos on You Tube about Psychology, animals, sciences and many other subjects which help a student to learn not only through listening but also through observation.
    National Geographic’s channel provides very informative and educational videos to its viewers. On the other hand there are channels that also provide information how factory works, how your mind works and many more.
    It’s up to you how you use You Tube!

  • Quora:

    Quora is an application on which the users ask questions and answer the questions of others in detail. And we all know it is a question that makes a person to learn something new and it is an answer that drives another question to carry on the process of education and learning goes on.

The world is renovating and our mode of learning is renovating too but everything brings some miseries too with it. So in order to have no meet up with those miseries, there is need to take some steps. And steps can be taken when there is focus otherwise todays toddler would end up calling Assignment Writers UK to write an essay for him or her in this era of communication.

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