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7 Unusual Social Media Marketing Practices You Need to Stop Doing Now

7 Unusual Social Media Marketing Practices You Need to Stop Doing Now
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The business and online marketing world is full of complexities and opportunities.

Even the most established businesses tend to make mistakes that costs them significant drop in profits, product portfolio, or other concerns incurred through mismanagement or other misfortunes. The same concept applies for social media marketing too.

Once you get accustomed to some practices, it becomes hard to break the habit that you have become used to, but it reality it may be affecting your brand.

The social media marketing field has enough potential for brands to craft great experiences for their target audience, brand empathy and influence the decision making processes. It has been stated that around 84% of the business owners use the information provided from social media to finalize their decisions.

As for this blog post, we’re going to discuss the social media marketing habits that you need to abandon at the first instant, only if you desire to throw a positive impact on your brand and develop a healthy brand value.

1. Automating everything

As a social media professional, you will have a paramount number of tasks to do on routine basis, and the first impulse you will get is to automate as many tasks as possible, just to save time and effort. Due to numerous social media tools now available in the market, it’s easy to acquire each as your most trusted professional ally.

It depends on the type of tools you’re using to post content on different social media platforms, you’ll get to know that doing so will bring along a number of issues from posting text, video, images, etc. content on the platforms. This indicates that you’re not doing the things required to create the best possible experience for your audience. However, you can always customize your content as per the requirements of your intended platform and elevate the user experience considerably.

2. Opting the wrong trends

Newsjacking is not a newcomer in the marketing world. However, it is vital for strategists to conduct the technique appropriately if they are to acquire an extended reach over an already satisfied community.

So rather than starting from scratch to raise an audience base, you already have an established community discussing your brand on a large-scale.
On the other hand, the consequences are not that pleasant when enterprises tend to acquire the wrong trends. The best examples come from Twitter where we see a countless number of hashtags depicting various stories on daily basis.

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Therefore, before looking to add such inappropriate bandwagons into your social media marketing content, ensure that your team has done the right research and created a purposeful goal behind the topic.
This is the reason many brands can be seen suffering due to the incomplete homework in market research.

3. Engaging infrequently

Another major mistake that marketers do is by investing time and effort on different social media communities too infrequently. Let’s accept the fact, there is no replacement for a genuine and humane social media interaction with your audience. Remember, interacting with the community frequently will help you enjoy benefits far more than you can imagine.

The thoroughly satisfied audience can potentially become powerful influencers of your brand, spread a positive word-of-mouth, nurture the brand image, and help the company gain new clients in the process.
If a user takes ample or more time to understand, acknowledge and engage with your brand, then it’s your responsibility to tempt the user into an engaging conversation on frequent basis. Obviously, no one would ask you to respond and like every comment on your page, but keeping yourself prominent and engaging builds trust and credibility of your brand making the users think you care about their responses and preferences. Responding to your audience base evenly will help you manage your social media marketing conversations in a manageable manner.

4. Keeping the sole focus on yourself

For what purpose do you think that brands look up to different social media channels? Providing company updates and brand details to the audience on regular basis? Help the followers acquire appropriate solutions for their problems? Or to facilitate conversations that serves to develop the brand’s credibility and competitive edge over the rest in the industry?

What many professionals fail to understand is that if a brand is acquiring social media platforms with the purpose of pouring in content regarding the company’s offerings and other details, this is where they get wrong. Looking from a different perspective, social media is a unique and personalized opportunity to build a close and deeper interaction with your followers.

The point is to start conversations that aim to acknowledge and solve their needs in order to obtain an elevated brand loyalty, hence, increased business for the company.

5. Considering each user as same

What else could be easier that publishing the same content on different social media platforms? After all, we want the content to affirm with the needs of the users as they want.

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Unfortunately, it is beyond our control as to how and why each user will consume our content from social media platforms.
For instance, the message intended for the Facebook users will not necessarily go well with the Twitter faithful. Use the built-in social media analytics to analyze the audience for each of your intended media channel and see how you can target them best. Then, fabricate a plan for each platform detailing in what way the channel will respond to your content, without changing the core message of your brand.

6. Not considering visuals

People aggressively view and consume content on social media platforms every now and then. Understandably, the amount of content that brands across the globe are generating is simply too much to contain for any avid social media user.
However, a great way to keep the user engaged besides the normal text is by using highly interesting visuals depicting the message in the content in a tempting manner.

The point is to present the user something new and creative after every scroll that would keep him/her glued to your brand content. You should be familiar with the image and video sharing details of each mediums, this will allow the marketing team to optimize the visual content for a rich user experience.

7. Advertising isn’t critical

It’s a fact that the ever-increasing competition in the online marketing world and the changing social media algorithms have transformed the social advertising to an important weapon in the arsenal of social media strategy planning. If any business hopes to organically reach 100% audience groups on social media, then they are in for a surprise.
It is still possible to acquire a paramount exposure after a fraction of spending in a small ad. So it’s not a wise move to wildly announce all your marketing budget committed for social media advertising, but do contain a considerable chunk for publishing posts and ad that can heavily influence the success of your social media marketing strategy.

Author Bio: Mark Willows is an experienced Social Media Strategist and has worked with some of the best online brands worldwide. Apart from his job in the digital marketing industry, Mark is also an accomplished assignment help provider registering a client base from a plethora of academic disciplines.