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9 Mind Blowing Features of the iPhone X

9 Mind Blowing Features of the iPhone X
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The iPhone X is marketed as a phone form the future that arrived early. The mind blowing features of the iPhone X allow it to live up to this claim. It’s packed with tech that takes iPhones, and all phones for that matter, to the next level. Let’s get into the 9 most mind blowing features of the futuristic iPhone X. 

  1. Facial Recognition

Apple didn’t just throw facial recognition into the iPhone X without thinking it through. We’ve already seen facial recognition in tech, but the way that it is used in this phone is a bit different, and much more secure.

  • Depth Analysis

A camera on the front of the phone analyzes 30,000 depth points on the face, which makes it impossible to trick the phone with a flat image.

  • Better Than The Competition

Other phones, such as the Galaxy S8, also have facial recognition. The Galaxy S8 phone has been successfully tricked by a selfie photo.

  • Safe Even If Stolen

The facial ID will protect your phone even if the phone is stolen. If a theft holds the phone up in the owner’s face for an unlock, the owner can move their eyes so that the phone does not unlock.

  • Pay With One Look

The system is so secure that Apple feels confident accepting Apple Pay that has been verified with facial recognition. Can you imagine paying for an item just by looking into your phone? Welcome to the future.

  • Hats and Glasses Are No Problem

The A11 Bionic chip that the iPhone X runs on is one smart piece of machinery. It can actually learn what your face looks like with glasses, hats, or beards.

This is incredible, especially because the TrueDepth camera is using depth mapping as it analyses your face. The amount of thought that went into this one feature alone is staggering, but it pays off everytime you can access your phone with your glasses on.

  • Works In The Dark

Facial recognition is not slowed down by darkness. The camera uses infrared energy waves to create a depth map of the face, so it even works in the pitch black.

  • Adapts As You Age

The facial ID feature is built to recognize your face as it ages over time. Weight gain, wrinkles, weight loss, or other changes will all be added to the data that the phone stores about your face, and the feature will update itself to keep up with the changes in the user’s body.

  1. High Resolution Screen

If you are used to seeing washed out or pixilated images on your laptop or phone, you’ll be excited by the high resolution screen on the iPhone X.

  • 458 Pixels Per Inch

The iPhone X displays 458 pixels per inch, on its expansive almost-all-screen 5.65 by 2.79 inch display. This super-dense pixel display is the highest in iPhone history.

  • OLED display

The iPhone X’s OLED display give the phone’s colors a nice pop. You won’t see washed out blacks. The OLED display doesn’t just put a screen over lit pixels to produce a black color. Instead, it actually closes the pixel down. This saves energy for the phone, and also delivers a truer black.

Since much of the text we read online is black, this makes a huge difference when you are taking in content through reading. It also makes watching videos and looking at photos more enjoyable.

  • Sharp Videos

We’ve evolved as a culture, and now online videos are a part of our daily experience. Many people rely on Youtube videos, for example, to learn new skills. This can be anything from changing break pads to performing a song on a bass guitar.

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The possibilities are limitless… with one exception. If your phone has a poor display, you won’t be able to see the videos in high resolution. With the 2436-by-1125-pixel resolution of the iPhone X, videos come in with an almost life-like quality.

  • Enhanced Photograph Viewing

The high density ppi makes for very good photo viewing. A lot of the information that we take in daily online and through our phones is conveyed with photographs. Why not make the experience even more enjoyable with a high resolution screen?

  • Accurate Colors

The OLED screen has a wide array of colors. This is because each OLED light produces its own color filter, and there are a high range of filters. The OLED screen is capable of delivering colors that are very accurate to the colors seen by the eye.

It doesn’t look like you are looking at a screen. When you use the iPhone X you feel almost like you are looking through a window at real-life objects.

  • Better Web Browsing Experience

With a high res screen, the websites you browse will be able to populate your screen to their full capacity. Low resolution phones have trouble displaying the content of websites that are designed for computers with higher resolution.

Even though website developers have worked to make sites mobile-friendly, the amount of pixels on your screen can really affect your viewing experience.

  1. Animojis

This is a fun feature of the iPhone X. The phone can use the facial recognition camera to create an animal character with facial expressions that match your own.

  • Share Emotions

If you are sad, show the camera a frown. Your animoji will frown in the same way, mirroring your expression. Emojis are useful when conveying emotion to another. The Animojis take this concept to the next level.

Instead of you picking out from a range of emotions how you feel, you’ll actually show it with your face. It’s a great way to share your feelings with others!

  • How Animoji Tech Is Possible

The Animoji tech is made possible by the high speed chip that the phone is operating with. The Animoji feature doesn’t slow your phone down. The phone is built to do many things at once. 

  1. Tough Screen

The iPhone X is made with tough, water resistant glass back plates. This is great because it is an expensive phone ($1,000), so you don’t want to drop it and crack your screen! The glass screen was tested and rated at IP67, which means that it is built to resist damage. 

  1. Wireless Charging

This is a very futuristic feature, and one that might boggle your mind if you think about it too much.

  • Charge Anywhere

People on the go can charge their phones without an outlet. This is convenient for people who are constantly traveling, lead busy lives, or spend time in remote areas.

  • Compatible With AirPower Mat

Apple is working on wireless charging mat. This means that iPhone X users will soon be able to place their phone anywhere on the mat, and have it charge. This is due to come out in 2018. 

  1. 600 Billion Operations Per Second

The iPhone X can conduct an astounding 600 billion operations per second. This is due to the A11 Bionic chip that the phone is built with. Here are the ways that this super smart neural unit will blow your mind:

  • Snappy Responses
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Where other phones with many features tended to lag at times (for example, it took longer to log in with facial recognition), the iPhone X remains snappy. The facial recognition on an iPhone X happens in an instant — without lag.

  • Faster Loading

The A11 Bionic chip enables your phone to process many pieces of data at once. Even while it is working with machine learning tasks, like learning the differences in your facial depth map from one day to the next, it won’t slow down. Less lag time means that your tasks can be completed very quickly on the phone.

  • Multiple Core CPU

How is the iPhone X able to compute 600 billion operations per second? It has not one, not two, but six core central processing units. Four of these are for high efficiency, and two are for the phone’s performance basics.

The six cores can be used all at once, so that you tasks are completed quickly. Or, depending on the function at hand, only one or two cores can be lit up at a time.

  • Augmented Reality

The mega fast processors in the iPhone X enable augmented reality experiences. Since this is an up and coming field, this carries with it a lot of potential.

The iPhone X will be on the leading edge when it comes to experiencing the augmented reality tech that will be coming out in the next few years. Augmented reality is a growing trend in online games, apps, and even in the field of education. 

  1. Shoot Videos Like A Pro

The tenth anniversary iPhone comes with jaw-dropping video shooting capabilities.

  • Image Stabilization

Videos are useful for online marketing and personal sharing. But no one wants to watch a shaky video! Worse, shaky video can make your video quality look amateur. This will hurt your prospects if you are using the video in advertising and marketing. The iPhone X comes with image stabilization technology that solves this problem.

  • Slo Mo and Time Laps Features

The slow motion recording feature and time laps features for video recording have been improved upon. These allow for creative and artistic video editing. Turn your average video into a work of art. 

  1. Camera Features Go Above and Beyond

If you’ve been impressed with iPhone’s camera’s so far, you’ll be shocked to learn that the iPhone X has an even better photography set up.

  • Lenses

The iPhone is equipped with wide angle and telephoto lenses. You can zoom in to an impressive degree.

  • Editing

Not only can the iPhone X take great photos due to the high quality lenses, but the phone also has superior image editing capabilities. You can apply portrait lighting mode, for example, to selfies taken in portrait mode on the camera.

This gives the image an accurate lighting screen that works with the depth of the face being photographed, making the shot look like studio-grade lighting has actually been used during the photo shoot. 

  1. Pay Friends With Message

On the iPhone X, you can actually pay your friends and business colleagues through messenger. Send a few bucks to a family member, or send money to a coworker in just a few seconds.