9 Myths About Ink Cartridges

9 Myths About Ink Cartridges
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There are many industries where printing of papers is done almost daily basis, such as IT companies, business firms, law firms, government agencies, etc. Where printers are used on a commercial scale to print documents and papers, individuals have to buy Ink Cartridges.

It is very difficult for a new person to buy a compatible cartridge for his/her printer. Always keep in mind buying compatible Ink Cartridges will help you to save a considerable amount of money. They never bother about the quality of the print, compatibility of the cartridge, with their printer model, the manufacturers of Ink Cartridges, etc. Here are 9 existing myths about Ink Cartridges. Just go through them one by one:

  • A Recovered or Compatible Cartridge is Not Suitable for My Printer Model

Always remember that millions of people around the world buy compatible or remanufactured cartridges for their printers without any hesitation. It does not matter which brand and what model of printer you use, you can always find a repaired or compatible cartridge for your printer.

  • Restored or Compatible Cartridges Are Not as Good as Original Cartridges

It is true that some restored and compatible cartridges available in market disappoint and repel consumers. But all of them are not of inferior quality. Some Restored or Compatible Cartridges are of higher standards and their process production at the factory meets the international quality standards ISO. You should know that the cartridges manufactured by the ISO standards is at a high level and is not inferior to the quality of the original cartridges.

  • Remanufactured Cartridges Are Filled with Old Cartridges

This is not the complete truth. Restored cartridges have already completed the cycle of use. Such cartridges are thoroughly cleaned and damaged elements are replaced with new ones if they are found. After that, cartridges are filled with a new toner or ink of the same brand that was used in them before.

Apart from this, microchips are replaced that are fully responsible for the efficient interaction of the printer with the cartridge and provide information about the level of toner or ink. In the end, all cartridges are tested for ink or toner leakage and pass a test for print quality. After this, the tested cartridges are packaged and sent to the market.

  • Old Toner or Ink is Used in the Recovered and Compatible Cartridges
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Both recovered and compatible cartridges are always filled with new toner or ink. For each model of the cartridge there is its own toner or ink formula. So, it is simply impossible to collect and reuse toner or ink in the cartridges. Apart from this, used and contaminated toner and ink are not recyclable because they can damage the cartridge and cause printing problems.

  • Using a Repaired or Compatible Cartridge Can Damage My Printer

There is a myth that manufacturers of original cartridges force buyers to buy their expensive consumables. Always keep in mind that cartridges are an independent unit of printers. Cartridges with a defect may not print or leak that will require cleaning of some parts of the printer. These defects only affect the cartridge and can’t harm your printer. So, can find the same defects in the original cartridges, as well as among the restored and compatible cartridges.

  • Recovered and Compatible Cartridges Do Not Have the Warranty Period

Large and proven manufacturers of reconditioned and compatible cartridges always provide a warranty for their goods for a period of about 1-1.5 years, which depends on the model of the cartridge. This warranty period is provided by manufacturers of original cartridges. In some cases, the warranty period for a repaired or compatible cartridge may even exceed the warranty period that the OEM gives to this model. During the warranty period, if for objective reasons you are not satisfied with the quality of the print, you may return the cartridge or request replacement of the product with a new one.

  • Restored or Compatible Cartridges Have a Lower Print Resource
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Depending on the model of the cartridge, the print resource or cartridge resource, must always be indicated on the cartridge. Generally, the resource of printing the original, restored and compatible cartridges of the same model is approximately the same. In some cases, manufacturers of compatible cartridges offer a higher resource for some models. It does not matter if you buy an original, restored or compatible cartridge. Always take note of the e specified print resource and the approximate cost of one page of printing.

  • Used and Remanufactured Cartridges Protect Environment

You must always remember that Only a small percentage of used cartridges are processed by OEM manufacturers and reused. Most of them are sent to landfill or dispatched for processing to third countries.

  • Original Cartridges Are Manufactured in the USA


This is not completely true. Most of the original cartridges are produced not at OEM plants. They are manufactured in factories that have a special license to use the brand. The majority of such partner plants are located in third countries.

Final Words

These are some prominent myths related to Ink Cartridges. Just read them out and eliminate the confusion to make smart buying decisions.

Author Bio: Lance Clemons works for best ink cartridges in Australia.