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9 Useful Steps to Building a Great Business Website

9 Useful Steps to Building a Great Business Website
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When you have a business, you will obviously need to come up with ways to promote it. You will need a website for this. Now, there are two possibilities you might be in. Either you are looking to build a new website, or you already have a website and you are thinking if you actually made it right.

Well, making a website is simple! However, making a website that is exceptionally good is the tricky part. There are several things to be considered while developing a website and only experts in the field could help you out, right? Right!

I actually got a chance to speak to a few experts from the industry on what could those things be that help you make a good business website. These are a few simple steps that will ensure you a really good website that not just mark your presence but also drives sales and helps in building strong ties with your visitors.

Step #1 – Choose Effective Domain Name

To start up, you will need an absolutely catchy and relevant domain name that makes sense for you business. One thing you need to keep in mind is that it should be unique and and encourage recall. This will help you gain more and more visitors. In other words, your site will be able to attract as much traffic as possible.

Step #2 – Attractively Design Your Homepage

Only choosing a relevant domain name is not enough to turn visitors into prospective clients. Although domain name is quite important, it is not the only factor that helps you make a good business website. Considering that Homepage is the landing page for every visitor, it is the most important page.

Therefore, you will need to keep your page clean, but at the same time convey the most you want in a few seconds. Making separate sections marked with headers will generate call to action, turning your great from good.

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Step #3 – Simple and Logical Navigation

When you anticipate a visitor to stay on your website for long and go through every section he has been looking for, it is important that you give him a pathway. Make sure that your website is very easy to use, without misleads and false clicks.

User-friendly websites always score high in comparison to those that are severely complicated. Easily navigable website will give your visitor time to explore your website to the last level, increasing the rate of call to action.

Step #4 – Crucial Business Info

Why I call it ‘Crucial Business Info’ is because people often fail to have a website that is needed, in the process of building one that they want. Complicated, isn’t it? you should have a few things on your website that fall into the realm of information.

You possibly don’t have a physical address, however, you might have something really worth sharing about your business.  Design an About Us page that is professional and guides the visitor to who you are and what you do.

Step #5 – Design an Updated Contact Us Page

You now have a 3 page website ready, but what actually puts customers’ off more than anything is poor communication. The best way to generate call to action is to use your contact numbers or email id prominently on the web page, whether in highlighted or different font type.

The sole aim of the Contact Us page is that visitors should be able to call you with ease. And yes, give authentic information; else you might lose the trust of your visitor forever.

Step #6 – Stay Connected to Social Media

Today, social media has turned out to be a  critical platform for business marketing. Make a strong online presence by promoting your website on social media websites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and more. Social media integration will help boost your website SEO, improve the footprint and create a strong online presence.

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Step #7 – Build a Responsive Web Design

The changing consumption patterns have created a need to build websites that can run on different platforms. People across the globe are now using Smartphones and tablets to access websites. Responsive web design is the latest trend in the industry and people are looking for ‘one-website-fits-all’  kind of design. Creating a responsive website will ensure your website is better readable on hand-held devices too.

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Step #8 – Need for a Secured Website

If your website is product oriented and you have been making online sales, it is necessary that you put efforts into securing your website. This is one way you can gain the trust of your visitors. Since there is a lot of identity theft happening online, using VeriSign, TRUSTe and many more will relieve the fears of your clients for providing personal information online.

Step #9 – No Large Image Backgrounds, Auto Play Videos and Audios

Using large background images, auto playing video and audio might definitely add to the attractiveness of your website. But deep down, it will create an image of an amateur website. As a business website, you will need to create a professional image. In case you have some relevant audio and video for your website, design it in a way that the visitors have the option to play it if they want. Don’t make it a compulsion. This can distract the visitors and turn them away.

A word from an expert never goes waste. Try these tricks and you will have a great business website to kick start your business goals.