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Activities Conducted by OPPO in June 2017

Activities Conducted by OPPO in June 2017
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Over the last few years, Oppo has strengthened its reputation in the Pakistani mobile market and after launching its modern phones, users have made Oppo phones their first choice. It includes Oppo’s hard work and all the activities that it has been heading in the past few months.

If we talk about June 2017, the Oppo F3 and Oppo F3 plus phones and their cameras had already won the hearts of the users but the Oppo F3 Black Edition made it all the subscribers as social groups, and many famous artists are recommending Oppo F3 Black.

This activity proves that not only ordinary consumers but also celebrities  from showbiz, have been inspsired by Oppo F3 Black.

Apart from this, the Oppo is a global partner of ICC and therefore, it is fully involved in sports and entertainment around the world.

OPPO has provided interesting sources of entertainment to the Pakistani people with their quick information system.

OPPO Pakistan has played an important role in making this year’s tournament successful.

In this regard, OPPO organized Bonanza offer, as a global partner of ICC Champions Trophy 2017, OPPO gave its mobile users the chance to see the finals final match in Kennington Oval London.

Earlier, OPPO in June 4 gave the Opinion match organized by Pakistan vs India to give its customers and dealers a chance to go straight to the UK. This opportunity also got to OPPO users who won Lucky Draw by pre-opting OPPO F3 pre booking.

In the month of Ramadan, Oppo F3 has been the first to be the highest-selling mobile phone race, but what was the reasons for it? If it is reviewed, there are many reasons for this, one of which is that it is very unique.

In addition, this mobile phone does not even go back to any smartphone. Its extremely reasonable price is not too heavy on the pocket of the people. It can be said that Oppo meets the needs of people in less expense in the case of Oppo F3.

In addition to this, Oppo also offers the best discount offer, like the other smartphone brand, where users are buying brand new and innovative cellphone exchanges at Oppo F3 at only at Rs 29,899. While its original price is 34,899, means about 16% discount after consumers have benefited from this offer and are awaiting. The Oppo Company announced this wonderful discount offer on its Offline Fan Page.

In the month of Ramadan, such offer is not less than a gift of a beautiful Eid. Benefiting from this discount offer on an elegant occasion on Eid, you can also offer an eid of your wishers in the case of Oppo F3.

After introduction of two beautiful mobile phones, from Oppo’s this is a appreciated step to keep a connection with users from company. Not only in June, Oppo has given discounts too many on local and international level. This exhibits that this brand is very active in establishing a strong relationship with their customers.