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What Are the Alternatives to In-house Newsletter Design?

What Are the Alternatives to In-house Newsletter Design?
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Having good designers with specific experience in newsletters in your team can be invaluable. The boost a proper newsletter campaign can provide to your operations can be invaluable in some cases. However, you might not always have the right people available to get the job done right. Sure, it’s easy to create a newsletter from scratch, but you have to ensure that you have the right set of skills to handle each part of the project. Not sending any newsletters is much better than sending out poorly designed ones. Even one bad impression can be enough to ruin your chances in certain markets.

That said, just because you don’t have the right experts in-house doesn’t mean you’re out of options. You just need to evaluate the available alternatives carefully and pick the right one.

Temporary Contractors

Hiring a temporary contractor is often a great option if your industry allows for it. There might be some complications regarding the legal working conditions which can make this a less attractive option. However, it can help you fill any skill gaps you might have in your team. Keep in mind that quality contractors can cost quite a lot. And considering that a newsletter campaign is likely going to be a long-term project, the price can add up fast.


There’s also the option of outsourcing the work to freelancers and studios whenever you need a new design. Hiring freelancers is becoming increasingly popular in many industries, according to Upwork. This can reduce your costs significantly, but it comes with a price of its own. You might not always get the quality you expected, especially if it’s your first time working with a new freelancer. On the other hand, building a solid long-term relationship with a professional can be quite rewarding. Knowing that you have access to great skills at a reasonable price at any time can give you a lot of flexibility in your work.

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Pre-made Templates

There’s also the option of using pre-made templates. This is a bit of a hit-and-miss situation, because these templates are often made with a “quantity over quality” mindset. You can find good ones occasionally, though. And if you’re lucky enough to land upon something that isn’t actively used, you can get a nice design at a very low price. However, this can create some issues with the long-term prospects of your campaign. It may become difficult to find suitable templates for your next mails.

In the long run, you should keep your eyes open for any opportunities for hiring quality in-house designers. But in the meantime, you should take full advantage of what the rest of the market has to offer. Combining the two approaches can be even better in the right circumstances. Looking at the current prospects, hiring external contractors and freelancers is going to become an increasingly popular strategy in the near future. Those who learn how to work with service providers of this type stand to gain a lot from the developments coming up.