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How to Apply for PM National Laptop Scheme – Complete Information

How to Apply for PM National Laptop Scheme – Complete Information
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Education sector is an important part of a country. It is the main entity to check the development of a state. A country that has high literacy rate will assume to be more successful than a country having less literacy rate.

prime minister laptop scheme

How to Apply for PM National Laptop Scheme?

Coming to the purpose of the post, I will tell you that who are eligible and how to apply for it.

Who are Eligible?

Students of Masters, Bachelor, Intermediate and DAE are eligible for this scheme.

eligibility Criteria

prime minister laptop scheme

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Eligible Universities

Following are the universities are eligible for this scheme.

Eligible Universities

Application Deadline

The students have to go to the following link and fill in their personal and university information. After completing the information, submit the application and you will be registered in this program.

Last Date to apply is 15th November 2017.

Link:  http://pmnls.hec.gov.pk

What is distribution Criteria?

distribution criteria

Frequently Asked Questions

prime minister laptop scheme


Political Biasness and Laptop Scheme

Pakistan which is not so developed and has always an issue of low literacy rate. To fix this issue, all the governments try to start such schemes to encourage students. When we look at our history, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was the first leader who introduced free education upto class 10. Now it is time for Nawaz Sharif who have introduced the scheme of free laptops. Regardless of the political biasness, we should appreciate such initiatives. I am saying it so because even a student who belong to PTI will not refuse to take the laptop from Nawaz Sharif. If you have courage to neglect such scheme, you are hero of your party.

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