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Arsalan Sadiq’s Story from Incidents to Bright Future

Arsalan Sadiq’s Story from Incidents to Bright Future
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Mohammad Saad Arsalan Sadiq known as Arsalan by his friends and relatives. He is a successful enterprise and running a successful business. He is the founder and CEO of one of Pakistan’s best IT company named as “Global Hosting Service”.

Arsalan is always active on Facebook and he loves to writes different blogs on his own websites.

The present successful life of Arsalan was not always the same in his field. The first change in his life came when his father died when his age was 2 years only.

Earlier, Arsalan started living with his mother and grandfather. His mother’s second wedding was held at his age of 10, so his grandfather and uncle decided to keep him with them.

There was no other child in arsalan’s house. Two years later, his grandfather died and he started living with his uncle.

Arsalan passed the matriculation examination at the age of 14 and went for studying computer science at the age of 16. That year his aunt died and he lived alone in the world.

Despite this accident, situation did not even defeated Arsalan.

He continued his journey in difficult circumstances. He has a lot of  members in his groups on social media. He worked hard day and night and soon became the administrator of many forums and groups.

Then he also made his own forum and along with the guidance of several social media teams. Arsalan become the Social Media Head of the Youth Parliament of Pakistan, and also adviser of Pakistan of Youth Association of Pakistan.

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In the light of these experiences, he established a global hosting service and today his servers are running in America, Europe, Canada, Britain, Turkey, Hong Kong, Pakistan and India. He is also providing Domain Hosting, Domain Reseller, Dedicated Servers, VPS, Hosting Resellers, Share Hosting, SEO Hosting, Web Development, Software Development, SMS / Email and Social Media to Global Hosting Services across the world.

Global Hosting Services is the Gold Channel Partner of the .pk registry and is one of the most .pk selling companies. Global hosting services had sold more than Rs 80 lakh last year, while the company has sold more than 1 million .pk domains in 10 months of this year.

Arsalan is also the head of a Paksitan group which is the largest group of IT in Pakistan. The members of this group are more than 1.5 million.

He is also a head of Pakistani Blogger groups, whose member are about 48,000. The number of Arsalan’s Followers on Twitter are more than one million (that’s why he is ranking in 36 position in Pakistan). His social media posts and tips are often performed on other media accounts, news channels, blogs and websites.

He also work as social media head with social media teams who works on Facebook, regarding Islam.

Arsalan says that even if many people leave them, even if many friends leave them, whenever they show their heart, they work hard, learn and live in life.

Arsalan says he wanted to be a SSG commando. He says that when they look back and find they get happiness and comfort, they are proud that they do not panic with difficulties, but have succeeded.

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Arsalan says he likes a saying “Be a candle, which burns itself but gives light to others”. Arsalan says he has tried to make his life according to the same saying, he has tried to work hard to become a symbol of hope for others.