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Belgium: Thousands of People were Hanged in the Name of the Internet on Friendship

Belgium: Thousands of People were Hanged in the Name of the Internet on Friendship
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Thousands of people were victimised in the name of friendship.

The Belgium government started the campaign to warn people. Last week, a company has been launched in Belgium by a concerned governmental organization, warning that citizens should be warned on the internet to avoid to be conned in the name of fraudulent love and keep
their wallet safe from being exploited.

According to Chris Peterster, Consumer Affairs Consumer in Belgium, 382 complaints have been received from this fraudulent act, but the actual
number is far more than that.

A guessing number can be estimated up to 10,000. The love frauds have disappeared
with more than 4 million euros.
Through the campaign, the government has started alerting Belgian citizens to be alert and cautious and also outlined the fraudulent procedures.

According to the findings , in an unusual manner on the Internet, these relationships reach the line of love. At the same time, after assessing the status of their potential victims, the frauds ask to wire or send specific amount of money.

For this reason, they go to excavations like buying clothes, surgery of daughter-in-law, some money for rent and to go and meet with their beloved ones in Belgium, and saving a small amount of money and
instead of a small amount of money a huge sum goes out merely like the shedding of their earned hard working assets..

According to a local TV, the case has been reported so far, and it had been reported that a person has transferred a million euros, including a loan of 20,000 euros.

People in these groups have been warned that they should not trust any online so called single love or friendship of the Internet and to hold on to their wallet securely and wisely.