Best Five Anime that Everyone Needs to Watch

Best Five Anime that Everyone Needs to Watch
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You ask for one and anime lovers will give bazillions of reasons to watch the best anime. The reason behind immense popularity of anime is that they can teach you many things about life. If you are an introvert or feeling low, then don’t force yourself to go out to have fun. Rather, watch some good anime series. And if you want to build up the excitement then start off with this list of the best five anime that everyone needs to watch.

Akira (1988): It is the best anime of all time. The mind blowing anime movie was totally hand drawn which can be the reason that it tops the list of best anime of all time. It boasts 8.1 ranking on IMDb. Katsuhiro Otomo directed this post apocalyptic anime. It is said that the film was the most expensive anime film of that time. Released on July 1988, the movie featured worldwide theatrical release and grossed over $80 million. Success of this movie made anime a popular culture worldwide.

The story revolves around the leader of a local biker gang. What excite anime lovers are the telekinetic abilities that the hero gains after a motorcycle accident. Awakening of psychic powers made the plot even more interesting and made this pinnacle of its genre that you should not miss to watch.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (2012) Yet another classic manga series featuring intense psychic strength. The anime falls in the genre of adventure and supernatural. It is divided into 8 parts where each part depicts the story of each of the Joestar family who is possessed by supernatural powers. The TV series was aired in the year 2012 and has 8.3 IMDb rating. The adventures in the lives of the family members are depicted in a unique way that anime lovers looking for fantasy theme would find it perfect.


Cowboy Bebop (1998-99) List of the anime you must watch won’t be complete without including the TV series Cowboy Bebop. Unique thing about these series is that the lead character is an antihero. The storyline is about bounty hunters. If you don’t like boring and monotonous plots, then it is the best anime of all time. Reason being, the excitement and freshness that come with every new episode.

 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood(2009-10) The anime series is adapted from manga. If you are diehard fan of adventure fiction works then it’s the best anime for you. It shows the forbidden act of human transmutation, which means it’s a dark series that people with a slight different taste will surely love. The moral of the story is when you want to gain something, you must sacrifice something. The thought is explained so beautifully in this science fiction anime that is ranked 8.28 on Myanimelist.

Neon Genesis Evangelion(1995-96) Developed under the mecha anime genre, it is the anime you must watch at least once in your life. With an outline of science fiction, the story of this TV series revolves around the moral dilemma. It’s about fighting with the enemies and the plot focuses on the importance of friends in life. The fashionable character arts are some of the few reasons that this anime is in the list of best five anime that everyone needs to watch.

Where to watch these best anime of all time?

The creative stories and beautiful presentation of anime movies are known worldwide. Anime lovers can watch the best of all time series easily on the internet. There are lots of available sources and the best one is GoGoAnime. It is the online anime streaming website that allows users to watch anime without paying anything.

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Why GoGoAnime is so popular? There are lots of free websites to stream anime shows online but anime lovers are totally in favor of using GoGoAnime. The website has a vast library of your favorite anime series and shows. Not only this, various genre of anime series like science fiction, dark series, comedy, drama and a lot more are easily accessible on this website. Every new release can easily be found on the website.

Is it legal and safe to use GoGoAnime It is a free streaming website, which means it totally depends on your ISP whether to ban it or not. The content available on the site is safe, however the site makes money from pop-ups that one must be aware of. The links might contain malware.

GoGoAnime apps for Android and iOS You can enjoy the endless anime entertainment on the go by installing the apps on your mobile phones. The app is available for both Android and IOS platforms.


 The best five anime that everyone needs to watch can be streamed on GoGoAnime. It is the most trusted websites to stream free anime online. Share your views about the website in the comments section.