Best Gadgets and Apps for Writing That Made Your Life Easier

Best Gadgets and Apps for Writing That Made Your Life Easier
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The core of writing is in the creative ideas you put into words but you could still benefit from technology which can ease up the whole process. While what you write relies on your creative path, how you write it depends on what you use.

There is no need to make your life harder by sticking to old pen and paper and not embracing all the good stuff that technology has to offer. The numerous distractions and difficulties can try to stop your writing process so you need to find a way to conquer them. That is why we need some tools to help us and the following six suggestions can certainly make your life as a writer much easier.

1. CoSchedule (Headline Analyzer)

According to Peter Koechley, founder of the New York-based company Upworthy, change in headlines can bring up to 500% difference in the viewership of content.

If you don’t get your headline right, the audience won’t even have the chance to read your content.

This is where you can rely on CoSchedule. It is a free online tool that can help you write better headlines.

CoSchedule breaks and analyzes the entire headline based on various elements to determine its effectiveness. It takes into consideration factors such as emotional value, proven types to get more traffic, the best length for the title, and will rate its likelihood to get maximum social media shares and SEO value.

2. Cold Turkey

cold turkey

Before you start with the writing you should handle all the distractions.

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How can you do that? Well, this is where Cold Turkey comes to the rescue.

Whether you are a top essay writer or a book writer, this app can be your savior.

3. Dragon

For all of you who are recording their thoughts or like to use voice dictation here is a tool that can assist you.

Dragon transcribes your recordings and its voice transcription is nearly flawless.

In case you don’t like to use voice transcription in your writing, it can save you some time if you use it for writing email responses, composing listicles for PW, and other less demanding tasks.

4. Voice Recorder Pen

voice record penSource: Amazon, Voice Recording Pen, $25

This little gadget can be surprisingly useful. How many times has happened to you that an amazing idea pops into your head but you lose it instantly since you were too lazy to write it down?

If you still prefer a pen and paper, and you like to leave your phone as far as possible during your writing (which would be a great idea, I may add) the recorder pen can be your closest confidant. It can be your key to an efficient and successful writing.

Record spur-of-the-moment thoughts, sounds, interviews, and brainstorming sessions without having to pull out your phone or laptop and risk getting distracted by all the fun stuff that they can offer.

You can find this handy gadget at Amazon for about $25.

5. Online Writing Services

It can happen to all that you get stuck at some point and don’t know how to make a step further. That is when the online writing services can aid you.

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Whether you need someone to take a look at what you have written or to help you to create an outline, Top Essay Writing can be your guy.

Another great online writing service is Grab My Essay. It produces the highest quality research and writing which is exactly what any busy professional needs.

6. Evernote

This app can be your personal secretary. Evernote is s an online note-taking app that syncs across multiple platforms seamlessly, whether it is your smartphone, tablet or a computer.

There will be no more rewriting notes from one gadget to another since Evernote will have it all at one place and it will be accessible from any device.

Some Final Thoughts

Writers’ job is hard enough considering that they need discipline and skill. That is why some helpful tools are created to help them hone their craft and to make their lives easier.

Nowadays, modern writers don’t rely on just pens and notepads. We need tools to keep up with the times and readers. These six helpful apps, gadgets, and tools will introduce you to a different world where you have little helpers to give you a push with your writing.