Best Gamepad for Android in India

Best Gamepad for Android in India
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Are you a game enthusiast? Yes, everyone loves to play games during your free time which are available on your smartphones. Smartphone have made each one of our life easy and simple because most of the task can be easily accomplished in just a click away. Similarly, gaming has become most efficient and popular among smartphones as you get preinstalled apps as well as can be downloaded according to your preferences. To make your gaming even more interesting, gamepads has been introduced which any game lover would not deny to own it and you can easily control any games with a button controller available by controlling with your fingers.

There is various gamepad available in the market from different brand sand it becomes quite tough to choose one. That is why, we have compiled a list of top 5 best Gamepad for Android in India. You can get this gamepads from Amazon or Flipkart or Snapdeal’s official website at an affordable price. Check them out!

Top 5 Best Gamepad for Android in India

#5: Magideal Multi-function Bluetooth Wireless Gamepad Remote Control


If you are looking out for best Gamepad for Android then I would say Magideal multi-function Bluetooth Wireless gamepad remote control is one among the best you can buy. This gamepad is colorful yet it is stylish, small & lightweight, portability and easy to handle and use. It comes with Game mode support, VR mode, mouse mode, and music video mode although the mode and the button of its section may vary but still you will experience the better gaming with this wireless Bluetooth Gamepad acompatible for Android as well as iOS and PC. So, get this portable, lightweight and stylish gamepad and enjoy your favorite games on your smartphone.

Features of Magideal Multi-function Bluetooth Wireless Gamepad Remote Control

  • With this Gamepad Remote control, you can turn the page of e-book easily as well as there is a facility to connect bluetooth.
  • This small and stylish gamepad comes with support of VR mode, Mouse mode, game mode, and music video mode.
  • This Gamepad plus remote control is absolutely easy to use, handle and portable.
  • It also supports free jailbreak for new tour, apple simulator game, big apple game, etc.
  • You can play any of your favorite games upto 20 to 40 hours.

You can buy this Gamepad on Amazon.in at a reasonable price.

#4: Speedlink Torid Wireless Gamepad


Speedlink Torid wireless Gamepad is one of the best gamepad you can buy for your Android phone available at a very reasonable price. Make your gaming much more interesting through this awesome gamepad which is compatible for Android TV, PC and PlayStation 3. This gamepad make use of the latest as well as ultra VR that will help you play like a pro with no dead zones while you continue to play FPS games.

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What’s more interesting about the Speedlink Torid wireless gamepad is that, you will never run out of battery while playing. You can enjoy the game continuously for 2 hours without any interruption with just 30 minutes of gamepad charged. There are lot more to explore. All you have to do is just get for yourself this awesome gamepad and game like a pro.

Features of Speedlink Torid wireless Gamepad

  • This gamepad is compatible for Android TV PS3, PC with direct input and X input for all new and older games.
  • It allows you to control better for angles on Sports games as this gamepad uses the ultra VR that will help you game like a pro with no dead zones anymore.
  • It comes with built in rechargeable battery and its wireless 2.4 Ghz support wireless range upto 8 meters.
  • With just a 30 minutes of Gamepad charged lets you play for 2 hours without disturbance and charged the controller for 4 hours during night to let you play for about 10 hours continuous gaming.
  • With this gamepad, you will be able feel the realistic shots, bumps and crashes with intense vibration feedback high intensity motors.
  • The gamepad is made of rubberized sides on the controller that will give you a secure holding and perfect grip so that the gamer can play for hours.

Buy this Speedlink Torid Gamepad on Amazon.in available at an affoordable price.

#3: Mobilegear  Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad Controller


Mobilegear Wireless Bluetooth gamepad is another best gamepad you can buy for your Android and enjoy all your games on your Android Phone. Just give it a try to this new wireless gamepad controller and start playing conveniently. This gamepad is compatible for Android,  iPad, iPod, Tablet, PC and iPhone.

Features of Mobilegear Gamepad Controller

  • This gamepad comes with a very good user friendly software that enables you to enter the power saving mode without the need of connection.
  • Its wireless bluetooth 3.0 transmission upto 6 to 8 meters range.
  • It has built in lithium battery which is completely safe and stable to use for longer period after charging.
  • The battery capacity of this gamepad is 300mAh and the transmission distance is upto 10 meters.
  • There is telescopic holder where your Android phone can be placed for convenient playing.

You can buy this Mobilegear Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad Controller on Amazon.in.

#2: Amigo 7 in 1 Gamepad (STK 7004)


Amigo gamepad is another best gamepad for Android  you can buy within your limited budget. For those game lovers, this gamepad would a perfect choice and collections for mobile accessories especially for gaming on your Smartphone. This gamepad is compatible for Android platforms, iOS, PC Windows. You can anytime start playing games with this cool gamepad and I am sure you will experience the better way of playing games on your Android device like never before.

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Features of Amigo 7 in 1 Gamepad

  • This gamepad is especially designed for the gaming players compatible for Android, iOS and PC.
  • It comes with support of mouse, ICADE modes and gamepad supported for Android TV, Tablet, iPad, PC, Android TV Box and iPhone.
  • This gamepad also comes with built in rechargeable lithium battery capacity upto 350mAh.
  • There is also a Turbo and Auto special function mode in this gamepad.

Buy this Amigo 7 in 1 Gamepad on Amazon.in

#1: Amkette Evo Gamepad Pro 2 Bluetooth Wireless Controller


Amkette Evo is one of the best gamepad you can buy for your Android phone to play your games in a better experience. The Amkette has bring to you the most enhanced gamepad pro 2 after its success of Evo gamepad pro with the all new media buttons added, with more intuitive controls to make your gaming experience better and interesting. This gamepad is designed perfectly with more enhanced gaming level for the game lovers.

This Evo Gamepad Pro 2 brings to you ultimate gaming experience which is definitely one of the best  smartphone gaming is here to take you to the next level. The usage is very much simple, all you have to do is simply connect your smartphone or other compatible device via bluetooth and start downloading your favorite games and get ready to play.

Features of Amkette Evo Gamepad pro 2

  • This gamepad is designed ergonomically with absolute portability that will give you a better and comfortable gaming experience.
  • You can continuously play your games for hours with its soft rubberized hand grips, sturdier and smooth clamp letting you hold the screen safely and securely.
  • There is also a Smartphone or Tablet stand included with the gamepad for comfortable playing.
  • Its physical controls will surely give you a gaming just like a Pro.
  • There are various multimedia keys built in that will help you get access easily during your gaming session.
  • This gamepad also comes with support to make your gaming much more fun and interesting as it lets you connect your Android or Tablet into your TV using cable to play your games in a bigger screen.

Buy this awesome Amkette Evo Gamepad Pro 2 on Amazon.in with an affordable price and enjoy playing your favorite games.


So, these are the top 5 best gamepad for Android in India you can buy to play your favorite games in a better experience right on Smartphone. These gamepads are best of its kind and is sure to give you satisfaction as you begin to play. These gamepads not only have exciting features to attract you but will also attract you with their cheapest affordable price with good performances that a game player cannot deny. So, choose your favorite gamepad from the above lists and get it on Amazon.in and enjoy the gaming.