Best iPhone 7 Cases That You Could Choose for Ultimate Protection

Best iPhone 7 Cases That You Could Choose for Ultimate Protection
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Apple’s iPhone 7 is truly the owner’s pride and neighbor’s envy because of its beauty and tremendous aesthetic appeal. However, it may prove to be fragile and delicate if handled roughly. If you prefer to be an outdoors person, it is best to give your precious iPhone 7 the protection it deserves so that a few knocks here and there would not cause any damage to the phone at all. You must certainly choose to invest in a rugged, tough, and super-protective iPhone 7 case that could easily take the knocks nonchalantly.

Let us explore some of the most protective and toughest iPhone cases that are largely flaunting features such as weatherproof, drop protected, and both. If you want your favorite iPhone 7 to be in perfect condition consider investing in a top quality iPhone 7 armor case. It is a fact that the metal unibody of the iPhone 7 could help in keeping the phone protected from short falls. However, accidental drops could cause the screen to shatter. Moreover, the phone’s chic metal body could end up getting badly scratched, dented, or dinged. So it is best not to take any chances with your hot favorite iPhone 7. Choose one of the best iPhone cases so that you could get the ultimate peace of mind and stop fretting and worrying about your expensive phone’s safety.

Spigen Tough Armor iPhone 7 Case

Spigen Tough Armor iPhone 7 Case is a typical dual-layer case that has a really hard polycarbonate cover and a truly flexible TPU shell. It has solid drop protection from almost 4 feet. Moreover, the presence of air pockets within would be helping in dispelling impact shock. You may buy a good screen protector in order to achieve the ultimate peace of mind. The tough Armor series from Spigen has been designed to provide maximum protection but at extremely low costs. The polycarbonate plate seems to have a nice built-in kickstand for watching media whenever you desire on your phone.

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Otterbox Defender Series Case

The experts in the trade consider Otterbox as the gold standard in terms of robust protection for your favorite iPhone. Moreover, Otterbox’s toughest cases constitute the defender series. This comes in an attractive layered pattern with a long-lasting silicone slipcover that is surrounded by a protective polycarbonate shell. Generally, a built-in or inherent screen protector is present. You would come across covers for keeping the dirt and lint from the ports. You may look for a holster with an effective belt clip for doubling as a stand. Usually, the button covers seem to be well-defined so it becomes easier to press the button. All these cases manufactured by Otterbox actually go through two dozen different tests for as many as 238 hours of thorough testing. So you could rest assured about the superlative quality and the assured drop protection.

Spigen Slim Armor CS Case

The Spigen’s Slim Armor CS case meant specifically for the slick iPhone 7 is very much in vogue and it comes in a broad spectrum of colors including Red, Black, Blush Gold, Jet White, Gunmetal, and Rose Gold. This is made from TPU and PC and is shock-absorbing for maximum protection from drops. The Spigen Slim Armor CS Case features a hard and soft shell for your iPhone 7’s added protection.


We have discussed only three popular iPhone 7 cases but you could choose from a plethora of such cases as per your preference and budget.