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Best Ways to Make Your Windows PC Run Faster

Best Ways to Make Your Windows PC Run Faster
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Some of the simplest steps, you can follow to boost your system performance is to use built-in utilities and features on your system for instant results. Here, we have discussed some best steps to help you make your Windows PC run faster instantly.

Update Windows: The first step you should follow to make your Windows PC run faster should be to update your system software. Here, you get Windows updates automatically via push notifications which helps you install all the important updates for your operating system. It includes bug fixes, security patches and additional features for your system. Thus, you should be quick to install all such updates. In case you have missed some of these updates, then you can install these updates manually too. To do this, search for Windows update in the search box on the taskbar and select “Check for Updates” option. It will open a Windows update window. These click on “Check for Updates” button to find and install all latest updates.

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Uninstall Unnecessary Programs: Your system stores lot of unnecessary programs over time that affects your system performance negatively. These programs could be items from bloatware or other programs that you have installed long back and stopped using for a while. These unnecessary programs not only occupy precious storage space on your system but many of these items also run in the background making your system run slow. To find and remove all such unnecessary programs from your Windows 10 system, go to Start menu > Settings > System. Now on Settings window, select Apps & Features option from the left pane.

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It will display all the programs and apps on your system. Here, sift through the list to find all unnecessary programs. To uninstall any of these programs, simply select it and press Uninstall button given below it. This simple step will also work as a RAM cleaner for your system as lot of unnecessary programs will stop running on your system.

Clean Registry: Next is to fix registry errors and clean cluttered registry to boost your system performance. Here, your system registry gets cluttered over time due to various actions you perform like adding, resizing or deleting files and programs. Due to registry errors on your system, you may face issues like system lags, crashes or other performance issues. To deal with this issue, you can use built-in registry editor tool on your system. To access this tool, search and select “regedit” in the search box on the taskbar. Allow required permissions mentioned in the user account control dialog box. It will open a Registry Editor, here sift through the registry entries to find and fix the errors. Here, Registry Editor works as a registry optimizer tool for you to improve system performance significantly.

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Note: Don’t follow this step, if you don’t have an idea how the registry works.

Install SSD: This is a quick step that helps you boost your system performance instantly. Here, SSD or Solid State Drive offers a more advanced alternative to traditional HDD (Hard Disk Drive) on your system. While HDD works as an electromechanical data storage device that uses magnetic storage to store and retrieve information, SSD uses non-volatile NAND-based flash memory to do this efficiently. Here, SSD uses small microchips to perform various tasks which makes it super-fast. Thus, it can help you instantly boost your system performance.

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Clean Duplicate Files: Duplicate files is next big culprit that not only occupies valuable disk space but it also affects your system performance negatively. Thus, we suggest you get rid of all duplicate data on your system to make your Windows PC run faster. To do this, you can do the manual cleaning of your system (that consumes a lot of time & efforts) or you can use duplicate file remover tools for instant results.

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Conclusion: To get rid of performance issues on your Windows system you can use built-in tool for instant results. Additionally, you can use other third-party software as well to clean and optimize your system performance. Here, we have discussed some important steps to help you make your system run faster. If you know more such steps, feel free to comment below.

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