Brief History of Video Technology – Inforgraphic

Brief History of Video Technology – Inforgraphic
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Video technology has been around longer than you think. Care to venture a guess as to when the first projection films started becoming mainstream? Write down your answer and share it with us in the comments section at the end. No cheating!

Believe it or not, projection films started emerging in the early 1900s. These films were black and white, only several minutes long and had no recorded sound but nonetheless, they were motion pictures that heralded a new era of video technology. In fact, this development was so remarkable that these mini-films were an exciting event to attend en masse – just imagine, getting all dolled up to go and see a 2 minute long, no sound, no colour film. The times have certainly changed.

By the late 1960s, technology had developed to a point where color televisions were a common and much-loved household object, perhaps the most important piece of furniture a home could have. We’ve since come to love fancy flat screens and sleek mobile viewing devices – but how and when did all these changes come about?

Check out the nifty infographic from Userful below for a brief history of video technology and how it has advanced since the early inception of projection films. Every breath with technology – and no breath without television, in whichever form it may be!

Brief History of Video Technology – Inforgraphic

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