Can Higher Version of Bixby in Samsung Galaxy S9 Beat Google Assistant and Siri?

Can Higher Version of Bixby in Samsung Galaxy S9 Beat Google Assistant and Siri?
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Voice Assistant with elements of artificial intelligence – it is a big deal for the Samsung company with ambitious strategic plans, and probably the case will take years of grinding and finishing before Bixby can, as an equal, to stand next to Siri and Google Assistant.

Anyway, the Google Assistant still exists and operates, both on my phone, and on many others, caused by long pressing the “home” button or voice tag, “OK, Google”. Artificial Intelligence Bixby in Galaxy S8 is quite interesting but still, it has some minor faults, which will be resolved by the upcoming champion of 2018, Samsung Galaxy S9.

Good and bad – Bixby

Along the right edge of the device S8, you will find the usual oblong power button, but on the left, there will be something new.

Fortunately, Samsung finally completely switched to a general “rocker” volume control, replacing it customized buttons, and below there is a new key to call the newly created artificial intelligence, voice assistant named Bixby.

This is one of the premiere feature the S8, the start of a new Samsung ecosystem with voice control but unfortunately, are not sufficiently prepared to work with the public. Samsung has been improved the AI for its visual recognition.

Next year, Samsung is going to introduce its new flagship smartphone – Galaxy S9. Galaxy S9 is coming out with its more exciting feature – Smart virtual assistance. A Higher version of Bixby – Bixby-2.0 will be very much impressive and devoid of the faults as found in the case of Galaxy S9. The specific name of this AI is presently unknown but soon we will get to know about this more.

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Just days before the release S8, Samsung announced that Bixby Voice, the primary method for communicating with Bixby, will not be able to recognize the English speech before the firmware update, scheduled for a late spring.

But if so – as long as we have no way to call the Bixby S8 +, and those components that are now working more like a list of disparate applications, rather than a coherent system.

Bixby New button right below the volume control, but still it does not work as it should. In Galaxy S9, there will be no physical side present, unlike Galaxy S8/S8+.

In Galaxy S8, Bixby pressing button opens the home screen, “Hello, Bixby ‘, like,” OK, Google “set of cards with your schedule, reminders, weather, etc. There is nothing wrong – But nothing new, however. Most manufacturers are already so developed their own system of personal recommendations.

And although the version offered by the Samsung, looks quite nice, however, quite attractive for its use of the reasons I still do not see.

Another functioning of the Bixby separate from pretty, but the standard of an organization of reminders, this Vision. Samsung took advantage of an old and almost forgotten the development of Google – «sunglasses» Goggles.

Connecting such an extraordinary concept to a digital assistant while unique, but obviously not the first time someone tries to use the view through the camera to identify the things and objects. The last attempt did not say so successful.

Samsung Galaxy S9 will be able to overcome all these limitations with its improved, higher version of Bixby-2.0.