Can Technology Be Used To Boost The Quality Of Education?

Can Technology Be Used To Boost The Quality Of Education?
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Technology has spread his magic all over the field. In every field, we can see the use of modern technology and by using the technology we have changed the mindset of society and the mindset of people. Technology made our life easier and more comfortable now we can’t think of life without technology. Technology can be used to improve teaching and learning and help our students to be successful in life and in an academic career.                            

Improving education and learning process is a huge responsibility of the teacher. Technology really helps teachers to develop new strategies and new planning to give quality education to the students. Technology has been used in different fields and for a different purpose. It has been a great influence on peoples mind and peoples life. The education system has changed proximately and it has accepted every positive aspect of technology. Students and teachers are deeply influenced and positively affected by new technological developments. It really helped to raise the standard of education and helped to raise the quality of learning and teaching.              

Schools and colleges are actively accepting and using the smart classroom to make learning more interesting and to attain the concentration of students. Now students can take help by using technology like computer tab and other sources by connecting to the internet. They need not to completely depend on teachers. If they have any doubt they can Google it or use the search engine they can get an answer and clear their doubt within minutes. It really helped students to live an academic life stress-free. You can seek help from internet. Students suffer from depression and other psychological problems because of the wide syllabus. But internet and technology made it simple. It gives them learning through real experience which helped them to understand the topic more clearly and when they get the real experience they learn it more quickly and clearly. They can search for resources on the particular topic. They will get a wide range of resources from which they can choose that make they’re learning more comfort. Education has changed its vision and now education and learning process gives importance to learners comfort and learner-based education are given more importance.                         

Not only students but also teachers use technological devices in the classroom to make their teaching more interesting and catchy. Teachers nowadays use technological devices instead of textbooks. They use the internet to refer lessons and use new strategies and planning to make their teaching easy and clear.  Teachers use visual learning aids, animations, illustration, narration, presentation etc. It really helped to learn effectively.

Usage of E-books is new trends among school college students. In olden days they have to carry a load of books and have to carry them wherever they go. But now students own their own E-books which will help to decrease the book load. If you are sitting at a bus stop, in the park, in a coffee shop you can open E-book and do your studies whenever you need and wherever you need.

Although so many positive effects of technology are there at the same time when people get addicted to it that will create a new problem. Because of this reason, parents not encouraging the use of technology. But we can control such problems. As we all know technology has given a new vision to the field of education which everyone must accept. It made students more confident and cleared their vision for success.

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