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Careem Decided to Bring Rawalpindi and Islamabad Drivers in his Platform

Careem Decided to Bring Rawalpindi and Islamabad Drivers in his Platform
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Famous taxi service provider company “Careem” has decided to bring Rawalpindi and Islamabad local taxi drivers to their platform to extend their sources.

In a statement in Islamabad the general manager of Careem Muhammad Omer Zabit said  that we want to take advantage of all the taxi drivers from the revolutionary changes that are taking place in terms of traveling.

He said by bringing the local taxi drivers of Rawalpindi and Islamabad to Careem will help them to not only get a lot of passengers but this platform will help them to save themselves from turning to leave in search of passengers.

Muhammad Omer Zabit said through this facility provided by the Careem the passengers from Rawalpindi and Islamabad will enjoy a smooth ride at low cost.

He said the passengers from the joint cities do not need to go out and wait for a taxi they can get it by just booking through an app. The advanced meter system of Careem can easily calculate the rent so they do not need to be involved in the bargaining of rent.

According to general manager the Careem company facilitates the lives of people keeping our vision and also want to improve the taxi drivers by providing technical and financial assistance so that they can have a better livelihood.

In his statement Muhammad Omer Zabit further said that they invite all the local taxi drivers to Careem platform from Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

He said that this is another step towards the fulfillment of their commitment to providing their customers with safe, capable and affordable transport facilities.

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