How to Scan Photos on iPhone & Android
With technology advancements, scanning functionality is not limited to scanning devices as with a nifty application on your smartphone device you scan any document effortlessly. You can use these smart solutions to scan image or any other document and export it as PDF or image file to your computer. Let’s discuss best scanning apps for… (0 comment)

How to Avoid App Development Failure
Many consumers are constantly hooked on to their smartphones and tablets and hence businesses are trying to get their own apps out and capitalize on the trend to serve employees and customers. Some companies have faced failure because if apps are developed too quickly, the updates need to be churned out even faster based on… (0 comment)

Can Mobile Health Apps Promote ‘Healthy Living’?
Taking into account how smartphone apps have taken over the world by storm, it should not come as a surprise that health-related apps have started making rounds as well. The number of health-related apps exceeds 250,000, and each one of them can help you plan a healthier diet, keep track of your vitals, and even… (0 comment)

How to Setup a Call Center that drives Customer Success
Maintaining efficient and wholesome interactions with your customers is one of the most important aspects in maintaining healthy business operations. In today’s age of intense competition, customers have access to unlimited brands and offers. Maintaining customer loyalty is increasingly becoming a challenge. One of the key aspects of driving customer satisfaction is establishing a proper… (0 comment)

The Vulnerability of Popular Android Apps
Everybody uses phones these days. In fact, phones have become more productive than computers. Below we will check vulnerability of Popular Android Apps. So, the reason is simple: one can do a number of things on a phone. It is as small as the fist of your hand and fits well in the pocket of your… (0 comment)

Download Bolly4U APK to Watch HD Movies Online
You ask ten people about their favourite hobby, and 8 of them will say they want to see Hd movies online. Some people just wait for Friday for a new film to release so that they can hop on the tickets and can watch the movie. Where some people have a habit of watching every… (0 comment)

Common Misconceptions Regarding Custom Mobile App Development
Mobile applications are good for business and the applications are not only a requirement but have also become a necessity. In this word of startups and well-established enterprises, the mobile applications are used to stand out in front of their competitors. These companies are successful in boosting their business because of the application. But having… (0 comment)

How to use Whatsapp without Number Verification?
WhatsApp – the most widely used application around the world. It has replaced the traditional SMS and MMS and phone calls as well. It is available for free except the data charges that apply while you use it. You all must be aware that to use it, you must have an unregistered mobile number as… (0 comment)

Strategies to Increase your iPhone App Downloads
The iPhone apps are undeniably flawless because of the Apple’s policy to review the application before publishing the application. That is the reason iPhone apps are renowned for their app quality and expressive designs. The iPhone app development is known to be a hectic process and it is not a child’s play for sure, and… (0 comment)