Top 3 Reasons to Hate PHP by Students
PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor, one among the widely used open source language primarily used for web development proposes is equally popular and hated by programmers and student community in general. As familiarity and popularity breed condemn, the same fate is applicable to PHP. There are several reasons and interesting facts related to the common hatred… (0 comment)

Why Hire Custom WordPress Development Company
In the present time, all the business is appointing the most reliable available sources that allow their business to run smoothly. The needs of strategic services are essential at the present time to make the business reliable and effective. Most of the established and listed companies are using WordPress services in order to serve their… (0 comment)

The Amazing WordPress Story: Six Quick Facts
While WordPress conquers the field of website platforms, you may be wondering how this popular site creation and content management program reached its position of dominance. Strongly reaffirmed as leader among all other content management systems even by the most reliable hosting companies with their dedicated WordPress hosting plans, you might be wondering what led to… (0 comment)

How you can Expand your e-commerce with Magento
Magento is doubtlessly the leading ecommerce CMS technology available for businesses wishing to build professional-style online stores having unique features and functionalities that make selling, branding and, promotion easier. Today, by providing the most effective solutions for e-commerce businesses, the Magento technology has acquired a considerable share in the market. A business in need of… (0 comment)

10 Best WordPress Plugins to Secure your Website
WordPress is today considered one of the most popular website development tools. Most of the newly built websites are known to have been powered using this tool. Millions of people are today having WordPress blogs or websites. However, its popularity has made it a great choice for spammers and hackers. Though it is considered a… (0 comment)