Pornography Abusing Teens Online
I know it is very difficult for parents that their teens are watching porn online, but unlikely to the difficulty it is a bitter truth. Today, having digital devices in hands connected to the internet teens may encounter with the porn online willingly and as well as accidently. Almost 42% of internet users between the… (0 comment)

The Most Popular Women In Cryptocurrency
Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that you can send or receive through the internet. It represents a value that is not assigned or issued by a government or a central bank but is accepted by people who are the part of the network for exchanging goods and services across the globe. It uses cryptography to… (0 comment)

What are the Different Types of Personal Protective Equipment? (Infographic)
Laborers are more at risk with accidents due to the dangers in their workplace. Workplace accidents happen frequently, and the consequences of these accidents could range from serious, life-changing injuries, illnesses, or at worst cases, death. In the 2014 statistics of Aftermath, they reported that in the United States alone, 4000 workers had been killed… (0 comment)

The What, Why and How of Sales Performance Analysis
The sales function is one of the most critical areas in the business organization that requires continuous analysis and performance improvement. If the business intend to grow and succeed in today’s ever-competitive and ever-changing market environment, then the sales manager should constantly keep track of their sales metrics to ensure that all their efforts are… (0 comment)

Bitcoin & Blockchain Technology – Infographic
Bitcoin’s Crash And Survival of Blockchain The past and present events can be recorded by Blockchain, that cannot be hidden or eradicated. The data of these events is transparent and is recorded in real time, that is making it almost tough for being erased at least if the user does not control more than a… (0 comment)

Benefits of Using Mobile Devices Over Standalone GPS Devices for Tracking – Infographic
Using real-time tracking devices offers vehicle travel information instantly, specially to those people who are busy with their jobs and want an easy route when going to work. This kind of technology helps the companies that are also follows the latest trends in technology to have better customer service. However, when it comes to choosing… (0 comment)