How to be Successful in PPSC Exam for Lectures – Tips and Tricks
لیکچرر کی پوسٹس سے ریلیٹد کچھ سوالات اور ان کے جوابات. اپلائی: اپلائی آن لائن ہوتا ہے سب. آپ کو کچھ بھی پوسٹ کے ذریعے نہیں بھیجنا پڑتا. چالان فارم ڈاؤن لوڈ کر کے NBP میں فیس جمع کروائیں. اور اپنی تصویر، NIC، اور چالان فارم کو سکین کرکے رکھ لیں. یہ اپلائی کرتے وقت… (0 comment)

سیلری ایجوکیٹربجٹ 2017-18
ایسے تمام ایجوکیٹر جو اس بار بھرتی ہوں گے( جن کو آرڑر گرمیوں کی چھٹیوں میں ملیں گے) ان کی سیلری 2017-18 بجٹ( جس میں 2010 کا ایڈہاک ہی بیسک میں زم ہے) کے مطابق کچھ یوں بنے گی اور یہ ایگزیٹ سیلری ہو گی نوٹ؛ – اپگریڑیشن یکم جنوری 2018 سے ہو گیَ-شکریہ ESE… (0 comment)

Know Your Candidates and Become the Best Recruiter
The contemporary corporate world is governed by the ability of the recruiters to source in efficient candidates by whichever means possible. Currently the recruiters around the world are involved in the rat race to rope in candidates who have proven themselves over the years and are there to survive. Darwin’s Survival of the Fittest Theory… (0 comment)

Punjab Educators Revised Merit List Dist Kasur March 2017
Recruitment process of district Kasur is in progress and EDO office has published the revised merit list of SSE and SESE all categories. The categories for SSE are Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Urdu, English while for the SESE, there included Mathematics, Science, PET, Arabic, DM, English, Urdu etc. So given here the revised… (0 comment)

Punjab Educators ESE Arts Merit List for District Chakwal 2017
At last the wait ends and dear supporting staff of EDO Chakwal has prepared and published the list for ESE Arts. The lists are published on approximately 9:30PM on 16 Feb 2017. These lists are initial and tentative and errors and omissions are expected. All the candidates are therefore requested to check their merit in… (0 comment)

Punjab Educators SESE REVISED Merit List for District Chakwal 2017
There is good news for those candidates who have applied for SESE category of educators. A tentative merit list of Punjab Educators SESE is displayed early in the morning on 12 February 2017. It includes all the categories of SESE like SESE URDU, SESE Arabic, SESE computer science, SESE DM, SESE English, SESE Math, SESE…

Punjab Educators Merit List for District Chakwal 2017
Hope so that everyone will be looking for the merit list of SSE, SESE, ESE Arts and ESE(Science-Math) of district Chakwal. Finally, lists are prepared and they will be displayed from higher to lower scales i.e. 16 to 9 and each list will be published after 3 days of the previous publication. Although, these lists… (0 comment)