China: Automative New Vehicles Has Been Introduced
Automotive new vehicles have been introduced in China. These autimatic vehicles were introduced in Beijing Winter Olympics headquarters. Automotive buses, gasoline and sweepers cars have been introduced in the Beijing Winter Olympics headquarters in China’s capital. An automotive vehicle was successfully tested, which would travel on the 8.63 kilometer floor area. There will be a security guard… (0 comment)

The Negative Use of Myanmar could not Top, Confession of Facebook Failure
The social media platform Facebook has acknowledged that they failed to stop using Facebook in giving rise to genocide and political differences in Myanmar. The company has released its report regarding misuse of Facebook in the killing of Rohingya Muslims. According to foreign media, this report shows how Facebook failed to prevent the spread of… (0 comment)

Closures of all Social Media Accounts and Websites Starting Soon as They are Spreading out of the Innocence
All social media accounts spreading out of the country will be closed, all concerned institutions are busy conducting 24 hour details. According to the government’s ministry, the Ministry of Interior has issued orders to the concerned institutions, including the PTA, which have issued orders to shut down the transit social media account in the country.… (0 comment)

Arsalan Sadiq’s Story from Incidents to Bright Future
Mohammad Saad Arsalan Sadiq known as Arsalan by his friends and relatives. He is a successful enterprise and running a successful business. He is the founder and CEO of one of Pakistan’s best IT company named as “Global Hosting Service”. Arsalan is always active on Facebook and he loves to writes different blogs on his… (0 comment)

Who is Who and What is What of Pakistan in Latest 2017
Chairman Senate: Raza Rabbani PPP Deputy Chairman: Abdul Ghafoor Hayderi JUIF Leader of House of Senate: Raja Zafar ul Haq PMLN Leader of Opposition of Senate: Aitzaz Ahsan PPP Leader of Opposition: Khurshid Shah PPP Speaker National Assembly: Ayaz Sadiq (Re assumed the office on November 09-2015 by securing 268 votes) Deputy Speaker: Murtaza Javed… (0 comment)