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Chancellor of Chinese scientist DNA

Chancellor of Chinese scientist DNA
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A Chinese scientist claims that he has changed the DNA of twins and Chancellor done by a gorup of  Chinese scientist experts in DNA.

According to foreign media reports, Professor Jianko says that there were changes in the DNA of Twin-born babies and  they could not be HIV infected.

“I know my work is controversial,” he said. I think people need it and I am ready to stand criticized for it.

Scientists who did this work in organizations and hospitals have denied that they had participated in this research.

On the other hand, experts have questioned the research ethics, if this really happened.

This type of change in humans’s DNA is illegal in most countries because there is a sense of humiliation from the human DNA.

Changes in genes can potentially get rid of inherent diseases when the child is still in mother’s womb.

According to experts, if a fetal stomach is dated in the DNA of a fetus, it will not only affect the baby, but these changes can also be transmitted into the next generation, and may be implicit.

That is why in some countries including the United Kingdom having some kind of changes in DNA is prohibited.

Experts say HIV is any of the most cure-related diseases, and it does not require parents to make changes to the DNA of their children.

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