How to Choose The Right And Cheap Virtual Assistant Services

How to Choose The Right And Cheap Virtual Assistant Services
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A Virtual Assistant, they shoot like mushrooms from the ground. They all promise you time and space in your head, so that you as an entrepreneur can focus on the growth of your company. That sounds very good and basically this is also the truth.

If the range of Virtual Assistants with their own specialty is so large, how do you choose the one that suits you as an entrepreneur?

Five questions for selecting a Virtual Assistant

You need to map these five components well when selecting the right virtual assistant services usa that suits you.

  1. Business phase

What phase is your company in? Where do you want to start your career as marketing virtual assistant services? Are you looking for someone who helps with building, or someone who ensures peace and continuity by picking up recurring tasks?

  1. Tasks to outsource

What tasks do you want to outsource? For example, keep a record of what you do on a day for a week. This way you get a list of tasks that you can categorize and from which you select what you don’t have to do yourself. This is how you collect criteria that your Virtual Assistant must meet. You can also determine whether you need project or structural support. We notice that entrepreneurs sometimes find this difficult. So do you not get out of here or do you notice that you are not in the mood of everyday life? Please contact us for an appointment.

that you can outsource!

  1. Personal characteristics

What do you look for in terms of characteristics in the assistant? Punctual and structured, creative and helps you to think outside the box, etc. What do you not have, what it should have? And what do you expect in terms of development and professional knowledge, to what extent should someone be aware of something? In short, what makes it that someone fits your company and the image that you have of your company in the near future?

  1. Ways of working together
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Do you want to work completely virtual or do you want a combination of face-2-face and virtual collaboration? And if you have determined that, then it is good to determine, in consultation with the assistant, which communication means and systems you want to use. Telephone, mail, Skype, Whatsapp and how do you work together and in which programs? Such as Microsoft Teams, Asana, Trello or Slack. And if you prefer a system, also consider whether the assistant will work on your behalf in an account or whether your own account may be used?

  1. Preferred response time and backup

What do you expect in terms of continuity in services and availability? Is the work well planned or do you expect your Virtual Assistant to have a response time of, for example, 4 hours? And what if the assistant is on vacation, do you want replacement to be arranged or can the work be left behind?

If you, as an entrepreneur, take a good look at these questions and know how to give a good answer, a profile of the assistant you are looking for is created. You may also need two different Virtual Assistants. The sheep on five legs simply doesn’t exist.

The service provided by SAM Assistants is aimed at fully supporting an entrepreneur for a fixed amount per month. As an entrepreneur you get a permanent Virtual Assistant who works closely together in a team in which different assistants each have their specialties.

Suppose your assistant is 80% involved in administrative and organizational work. And you need someone who sometimes prepares some Social Media content when you are too busy. Then your regular SAM Assistant can switch with the Virtual Assistant from her team who specializes in Social Media . So you have the most complete support, but not the hassle of giving different instructions. That is now a SAM Assistant, the sheep on five legs.

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In addition, the team is also each other’s backup in the event of absence. Can’t reach your assistant? Then you can call the colleague. This ensures that the work is picked up, so that you can continue with your work.
Author Bio: This post is provided by Virtual Assistant Services.