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China: Automative New Vehicles Has Been Introduced

China: Automative New Vehicles Has Been Introduced
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Automotive new vehicles have been introduced in China. These autimatic vehicles were introduced in Beijing Winter Olympics headquarters.

Automotive buses, gasoline and sweepers cars have been introduced in the Beijing Winter Olympics headquarters in China’s capital.

An automotive vehicle was successfully tested, which would travel on the 8.63 kilometer floor area.

There will be a security guard without a driver who will serve him without bus driver, while it will not only travel on a specific road, but during that road the speed of the bus and all steps will be taken until breaks.

On the other hand, identifying the faces of suspicious people through the petrol car will perform the duties of informing the police immediately about the person who is injured or unconscious, while the Swapar car will perform the duties of fixed track clearance.

The 2022 Winter Olympics of these automotive vehicles will start regular service and more than 1 thousand automotive vehicles will be introduced for this area set up till 2025.

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