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China has Started Working on 5G Mobile Network

China has Started Working on 5G Mobile Network
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China has started working on 5G mobile phone network. During the next decade, 2.8 trillion yuan ($411 billion) will be spent on this project.

According to the foreign newspaper report, the new 5G mobile technology will be introduced in 2020 to 2030.

According to China Academy of Information and Communications Technology Experts believe that China will be the world’s largest market in 5G technology, whose subscribers will be around 588 million near 2022.

According to a research in April 2017, China is currently the largest 4G market, with 843.7 million 4G subscribers.

The 5G market is expected to have impressing impact on Chinese economy. Where it will account for 3.2% of Mainland China’s entire GDP in 2025.

It will be going to generate 8 million jobs, and add 2.9 trillion yuan in economic in 2030.

China 4G also has the world’s largest market, where it’s subscribers are more than 843 million.

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