Companies Welcome Training Software Management in 2016!

Companies Welcome Training Software Management in 2016!
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From smart phones and tablets to self-driving cars – yes the 21st Century is definitely the century to be living in. The clever combination of technologies has made the seemingly difficult tasks become so much easier.

As far as business processes are concerned, human resource development remains one of the most important determinants of a business’s success till date. In-fact, since the service industry is now one of the leading industries, the focus on human resource development has gained even more attention.

A Modern Way of Managing Training

Thanks to technology, it has now become easier for companies to manage their training and development functions in a more effective and efficient manner, using training software management techniques. By using a training management software (TMS), it is now possible for firms, operating on a global level, to impart the same training module, simultaneously across their entire workforce, regardless of them being located at different locations. How amazing is that? Now, a company’s sales team, customer service teams and other teams, can be at par with each other, in terms of training and development.

This is an amazing instrument for franchises in particular. Franchises are expected to maintain a similar level of service, across the globe (customers expect the same level of service from MacDonalds and KFC whether they are located in Europe or Asia); training management software has now made it possible for franchises to be able to maintain standardized, high quality services, by imparting and targeting similar results for the same training & development, across their branches.

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Trends being Followed in 2016

In the year 2016, software for managing trainings has become even more sophisticated. Not only does it work towards getting all trainees on-board, it also aims to impart e-learning in an attention grabbing and highly participative environment. For this, concepts such as gamification are incorporated in training running software developed for businesses. Gamification is about including game-related elements in training, such as offering a rank or badge as the trainee progresses in training. Such elements make the whole concept of training more engaging and fun for learners. Training received attentively and willingly, has a greater chance of bringing change in behaviors, skills and attitudes.

To save space and cost, cloud-based corporate training is now growing in popularity. Thanks to advanced encryption techniques, businesses are less worried about placing confidential data online.

Since 2016 is the year which encourages diversity in workforce, 2016 is also the year where the software takes into account diversity and supports it. Therefore, the training software organizers systems being designed today, keep in mind user differences. The systems are more responsive, with regards to automatic adjustments in e-learning course features and elements based on user specifications. This means availability of different screen resolutions, color contrast adjustments, font size adjustments, etc. The basic aim is to provide a similar e-learning experience to all trainees.

Since most people today access the online platform through their smart phones, training software management is compatible with mobile learning, thus, allowing trainees to access and get trained using their mobile phones. This has enabled businesses to make training available at any place and any time. According to  survey, the mobile industry is expected to grow beyond $37 billion by the year 2020. Therefore, there is a huge potential for training to be imparted using mobile technology.

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Benefits of Utilizing Training Management Software

By using a well designed, customized software for training management, companies create a provision for creating a more organized, effective, gelled-up and spread out training strategy and not just save in terms of time, but also cost. Having a system which works seamlessly and tirelessly towards the training and development of employees is just priceless. Designing and executing training modules has become simpler and easier and even more targeted. TMS is helping create a more engaged and inspired workforce across the world and is helping companies develop their human resources toward becoming world-class, with a capability to meet present and future company needs.

So close the skills gap in your workforce and manage your bottom line in a much better way by using a well designed training management software in your company.