Comparison between Rainierland and Solarmovie

Comparison between Rainierland and Solarmovie
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This is the generation of ease of the internet. People have the internet access at every point and every time. There was a time when the internet used to be a big thing in the world. The ease of internet access has made the life of people easy comfortable.

Since almost everything these days is technology driven hence, there is no life without the internet. With the ease of the internet, comes the work pressure and responsibilities. People have so much of work pressure these days that just want to relieve their stress after coming back home. When the internet gives you work pressure, it gives you the relief as well.

There is no better way to stress yourself out than watching movies. Some prefer watching it on theatres while some prefer to watch online. With such heavy work pressure and tight schedules, it becomes very difficult to watch all the movies in theatres and here comes the option of online movies streaming websites. There are hundreds of sites which stream movies online. Some provide excellent content while some contain virus and malware. Some charge you few bucks for registration while some provide contents absolutely free of cost.

We will be discussing about two online movie streaming sites which are very popular today and both provide free contents to its users. One is Rainierland while second is the Solarmovie.



Rainierland was introduced by Rainer Tamayo and hence was given the name Rainierland. It is a very popular website that offers its users millions of high-quality videos to be streamed online. The users can stream videos online without paying any charges to the website. There are absolutely no ads on the website which makes it far better than the websites of its peers. Since the site streams videos without charging anything to its users, it violates the copyright laws and hence in the year 2016, its owner was arrested for violating the copyright laws.

Not only Rainierland, but other movies streaming websites too have also shut down in the past, there were some other videos streaming websites too, who had to face the same consequences for the copyright laws violation. As soon as the owner of the Rainierland got arrested, the site had to go non-functional for some time until a new team took over the website and the site was running again in no time.

The Rainierland website is very much user-friendly which is one of the major reasons for its popularity as well. You just have to log in to the website and click on ‘Browse’. After clicking on the mentioned tab, you will see thousands of videos ready to be streamed. The list includes Movies as well as the TV shows. Choose the one you like amongst the several options and you are ready to go.


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The Solarmovie basically provides you the link so that you can access other sites on the  internet for watching free movies online. The best example is pirate bay which was one of the largest Torrent sites & was protected unless the US government decided to intervene in Sweden’s judicial system & made it legal to operate. Although watching movies is fun for everyone but most of them are not aware that from where to download free movies hence, the Solarmovie gives you all the answers related to this question. The best part is that unlike another website Solarmovie is not only limited to movies, it also provides you link through which you can access the best popular TV series. The Solarmovie is also popular among its users for free subscription fees and a wide variety of movies is available on this website. Like many other free movie streaming websites, Solarmovie also contains harmful ads which might be a threat to your PC.

The home page of the Solarmovie will show you the link for a movie from where you can access it. Just like other free online movie streaming sites, Solarmovie also got shut down in the past due to copyright violations.


When it comes to free online movie movies streaming websites, both Rainierland and Solarmovie are popular amongst the users. Both the sites have been taken down time and again for the copyright issues and people have always replaced one from the other. There is hardly any difference between the two websites as both of them provide high-quality video streaming free of cost. Both have ads and downloading videos from both the websites is not recommended unless your system is fully protected by an anti-virus.

Both the websites have faced copyright violation issues in the past. Since they do not charge anything to their users, they take contents from other websites and post it on their own which is totally illegal. They do not have the permission to stream videos online and hence they keep on changing their website addresses time to time so that they are safe from the law. Although both the sites are considered almost the same, if at all there has to be a comparison, Rainierland holds an upper hand. Rainierland website is better when compared to Solarmovie. Solarmovie’s database is not updated frequently which makes people search for the alternative and the best among the rest is Rainerland.

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