What Customer Service Techniques Improve Relationship Between Company And Public?

What Customer Service Techniques Improve Relationship Between Company And Public?
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Now we come to the main point of this article. To optimize the relationship between the company and the consumer, it is important to apply some customer service techniques when receiving the flow of customers and potential customers that reaches the business. We separated a selection with some of the main ones ahead. Check out!

  1. Be Cordial

Remember to be cordial during service, beginning by calling the customer by name whenever possible as it makes the conversation more personal. Avoid terms that can be considered coarse.

The same applies to the digital environment, especially in social networks, chats and emails, as many people come into contact with the company through them. Inform aspects of “etiquette online” to your team so your employees can make good calls. For example, do not write messages fully capitalized, as this usually indicates “scream”, that is, who is yelling at someone.

  1. Know and Understand Your Customer

As mentioned above, care needs to work in an advisory fashion. For this, it is necessary to know the needs and reality of your client. This includes your financial availability for the moment. In this way, it can prevent embarrassing situations for him, like indicating products with prices below their possibilities.

  1. Train Your Team

Keep your team trained. In this case, remember to empower it not only in how to perform a good service, but also on characteristics of the company’s products, services and processes.

After all, an attendant who knows how well the organization works can solve customer problems faster and more efficiently. In addition, of course, avoid getting other employees out of their roles to help with certain issues while preserving their productivity.

  1. Offer An After-Sale or gifts
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It is fundamental to offer an after-sale for each closed business. In addition to anticipating possible contacts that customers make, it will be possible to conduct satisfaction surveys and even anticipate problems that they may face. This often causes a positive impression on them, enhancing the proactivity of the business. You can send them gifts in the form of necklace or bracelets.

  1. Employ rapport actions

Rapport involves techniques that generate empathy between those who attend and those served, in order to reduce resistance in communication and increase trust between the two. This allows more receptivity on the part of the client, allowing for more harmonious interactions.

One of his techniques is the so-called “mirroring”, in which those who attend seek to imitate the actions of the interlocutor. It works with the idea that people tend to like or feel more comfortable with who they look like. Therefore, one imitates gestures and the way to behave of the other. One tip here is to adapt the way you speak according to the vocabulary of your interlocutor.

Remember that service is just one of the ” moments of truth ” and that you need to invest in the customer experience as a whole. By providing a positive interaction during the relationship between consumer and employee, the described service techniques may perform better.

Check customer service training courses for details.