Dominating Summoners War: What are the Best Monsters for PvE Fighting?

Dominating Summoners War: What are the Best Monsters for PvE Fighting?
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Are you a Summoners War player? If so, you are aware that there are over 400 different Monsters to choose from. PvE fighting has become much more popular than PvP fighting and there are many comprehensive lists of the “best” Monsters for PvE fighting. There are also many things to consider when trying to decide which is the best for PvE. 

What are the Best Monsters for PvE Fighting?

  1. Colleen (Fire Harpu)

Colleen, or Fire Harpu, is one of the leading 2-stars Fire Monster in Summoners War. She can solicit attack debuffs, block healing, and comes stocked with a base speed of 105 and over 10K HP. Colleen is so notable because she is equipped with a Deadly Dart that blocks the boss from recovering. You can use her on Dragon Dungeons. Watch out, she is squishy! 

  1. Konamiya (Water Garuda)

Konamiya is arguably the best 2-star Monster in game. You can use this bird in Toa, Dragon Dungeons, and Giant. Water Garuda is very slow as compared to Fire Harpu, but her outstanding skills overcome her lack of speed. Her most recognizable skill is Peace. This skill eliminates all harmful effects to allies. It then heals them with 19.5%. This is a small heal percentage, but it is an AOE heal. 

  1. Shannon (Wind Pixie)

Shannon is popular because she is the cheapest of supports in the 2-star category. Her third skill, Pep Talk, is the most popular. This skill increases allies’ attack and defence (for 3 turns only). Her first skill is Spirit Ball, which assaults the opponent with an Energy Ball. Adding HP to Wind Pixie is recommended because she is malleable. Check out this Summoners War monster list to better get an outline of Shannon’s abilities. 

  1. Lushen (Wind Joker)

The Wind Joker is the best 4-star nuker in Summoners War. His first skill is Flying Cards which whips a sharp playing card to disturb the enemy’s HP recovery. Lushen is also malleable, much like Shannon, so be sure to add some HP. His third skill is an AOE, called Amputation Magic. This is a unique skill because it applies damage to every single opponent and ignores their defence. You may use Wind Joker on Giant B10 and Arena offence.

  1. Sigmarus (Water Phoenix)

Sigmarus is extremely slow – but his damage ability makes him the best 5-star Monster. Ensure you provide Water Phoenix with protection from Chloe to keep him safe. Most notably, his third skill is the Ice Volcano. This skill is unique because it attacks all enemies and decreases their Attack Power for a full 2 turns. You are able to use Sigmarus on Arena Offense, Giants, and Dragons.

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Many of you already know a plethora of attributes of these Monsters (there are too many to describe!) When choosing your PvE fighter, be sure to research their skills, stars, and traits. There are a lot of Summoners War community boards to help you decide which Monsters to collect in your inventory; you won’t be disappointed!