Duplicate Photos fixer Make Free Space on your Android Device

Duplicate Photos fixer Make Free Space on your Android Device
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It really feels annoying when you are set to click a wonderful photograph and suddenly you see a pop up on the screen of your mobile that you do not have enough memory to click photograph. If you mostly use this device to click and share photographs, then after a point of time you may realize the need of buying more memory for the device or to wipe out some of your precious files. In both the situations either you need to spend money or you should compromise with the precious files on your device. But fortunately, there is one more way to spare some memory on your device which is by clearing the duplicate photos. If you will go for the manual procedure to clear duplicates, then it will a time-consuming process. So, it is better to do this through the application. So here is an application “Duplicate Photos fixer” from Systweak software which fix duplicates for you amazingly. Let us find out how this application works.

  1. The application can be downloaded for free from the given link.

After the completion of download and installation process you will see the scan page of the application. Here you can choose to scan whole of your device for duplicates or a specific folder. You can also specifically scan for camera images. For the first scan a deep full scan is recommended.

Image fixer

  1. Next you will see scan results page. Here you will clearly see all the duplicate photos which were on your device. The best thing you will like about this application is that it is intelligent enough to find duplicates on the basis of content of file not based on the name.
  2. when it comes to marking duplicate files you will be given options to mark duplicates. Application also allows you to exclude the file which is on the root from deletion.image fixer
  3. Matching level adjustment: Though it is recommended to go for a deep scan to make the application run smoothly but still you can adjust the matching level to high low or medium. This keeps less similar images away from the scan. Developers of this app has set the default matching level at 91% which is considered as the optimum one.image fixer
  4. Language settings. Use the application the way you want to use flexibility in the selection of the language is another feature of the application which makes it user friendly. Application is loaded with some of the most popular languages of the world. To choose the language of your choice go to Options>Languages.image fixer
  5. Cleaning cache: The application is not only known for clearing duplicate photos from your device. Its cache cleaning feature makes it a complete memory booster. Caches are unused temporary files which keeps multiplying with the time we use the device.
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image fixer

This is how duplicate photos fixer helps to boost memory of your device and keeps your photo gallery well managed.