How E-Commerce Stores Can Perform Better on Instagram

How E-Commerce Stores Can Perform Better on Instagram
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More than 60% of users say that they learn about new products form Instagram and over 80% follow at least one business on the world’s leading photo-sharing social media network. With its user engagement significantly more than all other social media, selling on Instagram is the biggest thing that e-commerce stores are looking at. Some tips that will help online stores to sell more:

Use Instagram Stories to Show behind the Scenes of Your Business

The Snapchat-inspired Instagram Stories is already a major success; more than 200 million people use Stories daily with businesses comprise a third. Another reason for its popularity is that unlike the algorithm-controlled photo feed, all stories invariably appear right on top of the screen of users. Possibly the best use of Stories is to showcase special events and display behind-the-scenes activities of your business to make followers feel special with the exclusive content. It is not necessary to produce a professional-quality video; in fact, amateur videos are received better due to their perceived authenticity.

Use Galleries to Deliver More Content

Using Instagram Galleries, businesses now can share up to 10 times more content than is possible with a single post. Users need to simply swipe left to see the photos so now there’s no need to design collages to show followers multiple images. With the use of Galleries, it is easier for businesses to cut through the clutter of the normal Instagram feed and this helps them to achieve a higher engagement than previously possible. Of course, the photos should relate a story that can connect with the followers, says a WalnutSEO.com consultant.

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Build Trust in Your Community

Customer loyalty is propelled by trust; as important as spreading awareness or establishing relationships with influencers are, it is even more vital to build a community that connects with and trusts your brand. This enables marketers to build product authority in a way that is far superior because it is from the perspective of actual users. There is nothing better than photos for accomplishing this, especially when the photo-content is generated by the users themselves.

Go Live With Real-Time Content

Instagram Live, undoubtedly inspired by Facebook Live, enables marketers to put on a live streaming video on their Instagram accounts. It is possible to increase the number of views by alerting followers about the commencement of a live video. Live streaming is a great device for connecting with users and obtaining instant feedback. A Q&A session with a domain expert can be an invaluable opportunity for addressing user concerns as well as positioning yourself as an industry leader. Product launches and brand promos can involve a larger audience than before.


While choice, relevance, and trust will always be key aspects for online stores to focus on, e-commerce on Instagram will see a radical transformation with the introduction of Instagram Shopping that will provide the sales functionality everyone wants. The shopping facility will enable merchants to add additional context to the posted images. Using photos that can illustrate the product benefits better will become more important.