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How to Earn Money Through Revenue Sharing Sites

How to Earn Money Through Revenue Sharing Sites
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Real talk: You can earn money online through revenue sharing sites. But, there are also a lot of revenue sharing websites that are scams.

What is revenue sharing?

Revenue Sharing is the distribution of a percentage of the website’s income to its contributors. This is done by submitting relevant content to a website. The website will then earn from the number of visits or popularity of the content. Then, a percentage of the earning will be paid to the contributor. It should be following the agreements between the website owners and the contributors.

In some cases, the contributor will have earnings from his submissions on the website and the website owners will take a certain percentage from it.

How can I start earning through revenue sharing sites?

The first step to earn from revenue sharing is to look for the right websites. As I’ve said, there are lots of scam websites out there. So, we listed out some of the best and legit revenue sharing sites that you can trust.

·        RedGage

RedGage is a website meant to help content creators monetize their content. What’s good about this website is that they accept different types of content- videos, images, documents, or blogs. They also let you manage your content and has an account page that’ll let you see your balance and withdraw your earnings. They pay according to the views and popularity of a content.

·        SEEKYT

If your niche is around health and wellness, then SEEKYT could be the best site you are looking for to share your content. They publish articles about different topics around health, cures and diseases, lifestyle, and technology. They accept articles with a minimum of 600 words per article. Also, they don’t want DIY or SEO articles. They have been around for 9 years already and a lot of writers have been recommending Seekyt as a good revenue sharing site.

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·        HubPages

HubPages works almost the same as RedGage. They have over 35 million visits every month and have more than 600,000 published articles already. This, by far, is one of the most recommended revenue sharing sites that you can find on the internet. They refer their contributors as Hubbers. They accept articles on almost any types of niche but they recommend to write high-quality content and should be SEO-friendly. Anyone can join the HubPages Network through their Sign Up page.

·        Bukisa Media

Bukisa is a good alternative to SEEKYT for those who write content around health and wellness. This website used to be like HubPages that lets writers create their accounts and publish their own articles on the site. Writers got paid $3 per 1000 visits and that’s a good amount already. But, when Google updated its search engine, Bukisa’s traffic was drastically affected thus they changed their money-making method. They now require contributors to open an account on Google Adsense so they can earn through their published articles.

·        Wizzley

A new revenue sharing site to add our list is Wizzley. They offer 50% of the total page impressions to authors plus referral rewards. The referrer will permanently earn 10% of page impressions from the referred author’s page. They accept articles from almost any niches and the copyright on published articles remains entirely to the authors.

·        Persona Paper

Unlike other revenue sharing sites, Persona Paper lets the writers create an account, publish their article, and get paid with coins. An author will receive 2 coins for each page view and 1 coin for each comment made. The coins can be converted to US Dollars, but their exchange rate is fluctuating. Authors can publish up to 15 articles per day.

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·        Medium

Medium is a revenue sharing site that, for sure, is not a scam. Why? Although it’s a new website that was created on 2012, it is actually founded by two amazing people- Biz Stone (co-founder of Twitter) and Evan Williams (co-founder of Blogger). To join the site, you can create an account using your Google or Facebook account. The site has an easy-to-use platform that lets the users create and publish their content. Authors have the option to submit their content as a post or for publication. The downside of this site, though, is that before you start earning, you should join their membership program first that costs $5 per month or $50 per year. Also, you’ll need a Stripe account for you to claim your earnings.

Apps Economy: An Alternative to making money from sites:

Whilst talking about how to make money using sites, I am going to touch briefly how to make money with mobile apps.

Apps are new ways of making money and a lot of people are taking advantage of these. If you love creating great apps for Android or iOS, then this is something for you. You’ll need to identify the market gap and then try to build an app. For example, there are a lot of people who want to do facetime on Android. Such a market gap has made a number of people to develop apps that does video calls between Android and iPhone. So, go identify the gap in the market and then develop great apps. People become millionaires instantly if your app is a great hit.

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