Employment Discrimination in Offices and Companies

Employment Discrimination in Offices and Companies
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Employment Discrimination in Offices and Companies

Employment discrimination is a form of discrimination due to difference of religion, race, color, national origin, gender, disability, sexual orientation etc., among the employees. For example, if a black African woman is devalued among white color American employs, it is called color discrimination. Similarly, these discrimination occur in all the different ways cited above.

Examples of Employment Discrimination

Some examples are given below;

  • Giving a job advertisement and favoring preferred candidates.
  • Neglecting potential employees during job interview.
  • Not giving benefits or bonuses to certain employees.
  • Offering different salary packages at the same position
  • Discrimination while giving leave e.g. casual leave, maternity leave
  • Discrimination during promotion of employees.

It is illegal for employers to do such discrimination because it effects the work environment and efficiency of some employees may lower down in this way. It is not beneficial for both the employers and employees. This is the big hindrance for developing a team work and cooperation between members of a company.

Employment Discrimination in Pakistan

In Pakistan, specially the gender discrimination exists in companies. The bosses treat differently to male and female employees. Sexual harassment is one of the factor that exists among the employees. Bosses favors well to the opposite gender and un favors the same gender employs. All this situation may lead to jealousness among different employees and ultimately efficiency of the company lowers down.

Therefore, it is need to say no to such discrimination so that companies can grow well and employees feels good.

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