Epicness in the 3D Printing Service: UK Designers Bring Dreams to Life

Epicness in the 3D Printing Service: UK Designers Bring Dreams to Life
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3D printing technology is more than the wave of the future; it is already making tsunamis in the present day. People with a vested interest in legislation dealing with firearms management (more popularly known as the “gun control laws”) may have been following the recent debate about whether or not plans for 3D printed guns should be made freely available online. If you need an update on that story, or have yet to hear about it, check out this page.

But even if they are just another thing to argue about, 3D printing mechanisms are also one awesome way to turn the impossible into the possible – and epic. These two amazing projects are perfect examples of the 3D print positives, and are guaranteed to make your jaw drop.

Touring London with a twist – there be dragons

Have you ever seen one of those weird medieval maps, or their commercial replicas, and spotted a writhing fiend near the edge of the parchment accompanied by the statement: “Here Be Dragons”? It was a way to mark unexplored and potentially dangerous territory, but nowadays dragons are also the mark of The Great Pagoda at Kew Botanical Gardens in London.

The Great Pagoda was a gift for Princess Augusta, who founded the Gardens, and was designed by Sir William Chambers in1762. It is an octagonal tower standing at an impressive height of ten stories. Using 3D printing technology, it has recently been restored, and the seventy two dragons which had been missing for over two hundred and thirty years are now back in their rightful place, fascinating visitors and scaring ghosts away.