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Facebook Messenger is Ready to Fill With Ads

Facebook Messenger is Ready to Fill With Ads
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The Facebook messenger is ready to fill with advertisement but these ads will not appear during the chat with friends, they will be appearing in the inbox.

Facebook has recently announced worldwide introduction of advertisements in its Messenger app, which have been planning for almost two and a half years.

According to the foreign news agency, in the beginning of this year, the advertisement in Facebook Messenger was tested in Australia and Thailand but now the company has announced that any advertising company can buy space for advertising in the app because the number of users are now more than 1 billion 20 million.

These ads will not appear during the conversation with friends, but in the main Inbox tab, somewhere between chat threads.

Facebook said that these advertisements are being started gradually for the users of different countries and it will be extended to the United States and then other countries.

Facebook didn’t  give more details but it is clear that you and your friends will now see more ads in this app that will not be ignored.

Facebook also assures that it will not use user’s personal messages information for targeted advertising. Last year, Facebook introduced an advertisement format in Messenger, but it was in the form of chabot.

Currently there are more than 18,000 chatbots in the messengers, while more than 23,000 companies are using Facebook’s advanced technology.

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