Features To Look For In A Lighting Charger Cable

Features To Look For In A Lighting Charger Cable
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Recently major manufacturers such as Apple has shifted to lightning cables that to some users is the most boring part of an iPhone or iPad kit. However, there is no denial of any kind that it is not an essential part to make these devices work properly. After all, without a charger your device will not last more than a day and even less than that depending on your usage.

Ideally, the Apple cables prove to be adequate though it is not recommended to buy one as a spare or a replacement. There are several cheaper and even better options available to you for charging your mobile iOS devices and the lightning apple charger cable is one such variant.

Features to look for

Here is a list of features and factors to look for when you are looking for the best Lightning cables.

  • Ideally, a good Lightning cable will be long lasting and trouble free. If you go for the own offering of Apple which comes with every new iPhone and iPad box, you will get the assurance of using a 100% reliable cable. However, if you do something more strenuous with it rather than leaving it on the desk as your permanent home charging connection, it may fray and fail. Add to that the cost of it makes it an expensive replacement and unsuitable to stock it as a spare.
  • A good Lightning cable will also be very sturdy and take the strain due to the strain relief collar located just where the cable enters the plug. This collar takes the most abuse of the cable. However, the poorly protected connection may break after a while. The primary purpose of strain relief collar in a Lightning cable is to prevent the soldered joints inside the cable from splitting out when you yank or twist the cable out of the iPhone by grabbing the wire rather than the plug. This collar also protects the joint inside when you bend the wire too much.
  • The proprietary cables of Apple break too easily and offer minimal strain relief. Therefore, it fails too often right where the cable meets the plug.
  • Another feature to consider is the size of the cable. You must consider both the length of the cable as well as the size of the plug. If you use a slim Lightning plug it will enable you to use it without having to remove the case of your iPhone or iPad. As for the plugs, there may be a few that may be a too big to fit in but that of Apple’s is perfect because most accessories are tested with it.
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Length of Best Android charging cable is also an important factor to consider especially if you want to keep the cable in your pocket or purse. Therefore, shorter it is the better but make sure that you avoid those ultra-short cables that are stubby and stiff. These might look handy but in reality these are far less useful being too stiff as it will lever itself out of the socket when you bag it.