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First Console Computer with 5G Technology has been introduced

First Console Computer with 5G Technology has been introduced
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Barcelona (monitoring desk) As long as 5G technology will be available in devices, it is not yet clear but “Intel” has already introduced the first console computer with the capability of 5G technology.

During the “Mobile World Congress in Barcelona”, ​​Intel tested 4k video test with “5G technology “live on a  detachable computer. The company also announced that with the partnership of Dell, Lenovo, HP and Microsoft the 5G conducted computers including “XMM series modem” will be available for usage in 2019.

In Mobile World Congress the best devices offered by Intel’s unnamed toxic console computer were told that what can be done on desktop computer connection speeds. Intel customers are not going to sell such hardware directly. During the experience, the company streamed “Wonder Woman” during 4 to 5 gbps. And this speed is quite impressive, but it should be in mind that it was in ideal conditions.

The computer used for this experiment was used by 28 GHz Spectrum and other devices were not connected to this connection.

For the first time, the successful experience of driving a car with Smartphone similarly, Intel installed the network base station from four to five feet under device, so that no interference could occur during the stream. View communication is very important for interference in 5G signal, while transmitter and receiver should be in the device line.

For this purpose, Intel installed the initial 5G modem in the console computer’s kick stand so that the signal cannot be interrupted. Intel officials said that this device can stream the video for 5 to 4 hours on 5G after which the battery will need to be charged.

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However, when the device will be manufactured on a commercial basis, the volume of the battery will be different so that it can be used without charging for more periods.

Currently, this device has a 1.5 years period for general sale and is expected to have 5G networks a reality.