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A Fool Proof Guide on Gaining 1 Million Fans on SoundCloud

A Fool Proof Guide on Gaining 1 Million Fans on SoundCloud
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While YouTube is a platform for uploading videos, SoundCloud, on the other hand, is a platform for uploading songs. Similar to YouTube, if you upload a song, you want to see what visitors will think about your song. However, if you already uploaded a couple of songs, and no one seems to take notice, this is when you wonder and start to feel frustrated. You do not need to fret since every aspiring artist on SoundCloud goes through this, so you must be hardworking and dedicated to overcome this.

Most listeners go straight to the search bar to find the song they specifically want or the most popular songs part to check out new songs. From this, they will most likely not stumble upon your songs. Therefore, you need to learn how to increase and reach your followers to a million. Here are the steps on how you can possibly achieve it:

  • You should not stop making great music.

Dedication and patience are what you need if you want many followers on SoundCloud. Unlike YouTube that has images and sound, you can only showcase your talent on SoundCloud through audio. Therefore, you must put much effort into creating your songs and give much time perfecting them. Some considerations you should take are your songs should not sound repetitive, not complex to listen to, and should be able to connect and relate to other people. In addition, upload as many songs as you can, and never let frustration stop you. You might say that you cannot allot a lot of time for your music, but you have to remember that when you want something, you should work really hard for it. 

  • Do not underestimate the power of social networking.

Although great and catchy songs are what you need on SoundCloud, you definitely need the help of other people who use it.  They can give you a hand in making your music more known. Just like making new friends in person, you have to be sincere and show real interest in their music. Thus, you should not focus too much on your own music. This way is much better instead of purely having random strangers as your followers. Here are the steps on how you can gain friends on SoundCloud:

  • Look for people who like the same genre as you.
  • Give attention to their songs by posting the songs and commenting on them.
  • Find them on other social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube, and leave comments here as well.
  • After a few weeks, hit them up with a message and ask them how they came up with their songs. You can try to comment on a music video they uploaded on YouTube if there is any. Then, inform them that you shared or commented on their songs.
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By doing this, you can start a great flow of conversation. Doing this to 10 people, you will see an increase in the number of your followers. 

  • Take advantage of Google +

Google Plus is one of the recommended sites for gaining followers on SoundCloud. It provides a great platform to make your songs popular. You just need to make a profile, and you can then join Google Plus Communities. These groups are categorized based on interests such as various genres of music. These are some of the ways on how to maximize membership in Google Plus Communities:

  • Connect with 5 to 10 communications related to your music by commenting and voting on the members’ posts.
  • After connecting, if you have a new song, you can share a link to the 5 to 10 communities you joined. Then, you can request them to repost your song and click “follow” on SoundCloud.
  • Use tags

In order for your music to be searched more easily by users, you have to create tags. If you have many tags, many of the users can find your songs. The same principle of tagging is applied on YouTube. Some of the tags you can have are related to the genre of your songs, artists with a similar style of music, the theme of the song, and even song titles by famous artists. 

  •   Work together with your new found friends on SoundCloud.

When you do this, you can get much exposure with half the effort. You are not the only who benefits from this, but the one you collaborated with as well. You can also try to connect with your subscribers on YouTube. The key is helping out each other. In addition, you can learn new skills and methods to hone your songs because you can see how your partner does it. 

  • Make another great music by remixing.
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Another tip to grow the number of your followers is to mix a song that has a lot searches and your own song. A a lot of curious SoundCloud users will want to visit your account and eventually become your followers. Nevertheless, this is trial and error, so you have to be patient.

Final Thoughts

Getting attention on YouTube and SoundCloud is not a feat you can achieve overnight. However, having the right discipline and attitude and following the tips given, you will have the number of followers you aim for.

Author Bio: Divine Foster is a Content Writer of Buy Real Marketing who focused on Facebook marketing on how to Increase Facebook likes and She has written this article to create content that’s vibrant, refreshing to read and that inspires readers to take action.


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