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Genius SW-G2.1 2000 2.1 Channel Review

Genius SW-G2.1 2000 2.1 Channel Review
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The latest offering from genius has captured the imagination of the computer users. It has combined the gears such as speakers and headphones into a sub brand called GX gaming. G2.1 is a complete gaming speaker with lots of bass that can beat other products in the similar category. Advent of the new kid on the block has provided lots of options for the users in terms of sound quality. In fact based on design and performance, the SW has won numerous accolades.

Best features of the speaker:

Sub woofer with the sound cone is located at the front while the two satellite speakers deliver sterling performance to the users. In addition, bulky vertical standing control box is available instead of the usual remote control.

Bass and sound quality of Best speakers under 100:

The output power is rated as 45 watts however it is amplified by the presence of 5.25 inch sub woofer and 5.5 inch drivers. All the satellite sets are equipped with 3 cones to deliver sterling surround sound to the users.

The audio tests found that the speaker imbibes solid resonance in the bass with audible frequency range. Moreover, signal to noise ratio is within the acceptable limits at all volume levels. At lower treble the sound seemed too impressive however at the higher levels, the sound of the guitars and synthesizers seemed blunted.

Gaming sound track on the speakers sounds clear and deep. As far as the classical pops are concerned, they played like a breeze on G2.1. The subwoofer works like a demolition tool if the volume is turned high with right tunes.  One of the most important aspects of the product is that it has got a very high signal to noise ratio.

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Volume dial and bass dial are also present to control the mix of the bass emanating from the subwoofer.

Appearance and design:

The system comes with three speakers that are equipped with insulated wires terminating in RCA jack. Cables connected to them are designed to manage the control box instead of the sub woofer. Input output and all the other connections pass through the speakers.

Back of the control box is studded with power switch, thereby providing easy accessibility to the users. It also contains separate auxiliary input and a microphone output. Users can also access the volume as well as bass dial to control the loudness level from the subwoofer.

For the mute functions, you can always use the power on and off switch. It is used mainly to prevent the popping of the loud bass. One of the most important attributes of the design is that the source button can be swapped among the RCA plugs, front auxiliary and the black auxiliary inputs.

In order to enhance the functionality of the system, RC plugs from the satellite speakers are to be connected to the sub woofers situated at the left and right positions. Users should select the box input as the source to accentuate the performance of the speaker.

The design of the speaker is extremely small and compact but it is a powerhouse in terms of performance. Speakers seem to taper to the front and back along with various protrusions.

What makes it different?

Presence of the sub woofers plays a very important role in eliminating the noise from the low frequency signals.

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Amplifiers are included in the eclectic mix to remove the distortion and facilitate seamless voice connections.

Sub woofers are essential to play movies with surround sound effect. They are crucial in removing the resonances and interferences in the signals.

They are 9.5 inches high and 10.2 inches wide to deliver sterling results to the users. Silver and black colors enhance the aesthetic appearance of the speakers. Although input and output terminals are not located on the rear of the subwoofers, they are still easily accessible to the users.

Unique features:

One of the unique features is the gaming control box that is quite similar to a gaming console. It adds the fourth device to handle all the wires. Other 2.1 speaker systems can handle only 3 accessories including satellites and sub woofers.

The sub woofer is made of wood and is distinct from the other speakers available in the market.

Product is a good system for the gaming as all the controls related to headphone, microphone and auxiliary inputs are located at the front.


One should understand that the product is cost effective; therefore the expectations should be tempered accordingly.

While playing softer music, the sound seems to be harsh however the volume level can be increased to eliminate the issue.

Control box is not sleek but gawky and requires cable routing to perform seamless functioning. Bass control is used to separate deep bass from the mid range option in one of the best speakers under 100.

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