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How to Quickly Get Popular on Instagram

How to Quickly Get Popular on Instagram
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The frustrating thing a newbie in Instagram has to go through is not getting any suitable number of followers and having the lack of knowledge to improvise the portfolio. Most of the Instagram users struggle to get a decent amount of follower; leave around sharing of the pictures. Various Instagram users have vouched that even their best photos never got the commendable number of likes and the feedback was quite lame. So, it is high time for users to come up with certain modularity’s in the way they handle their Instagram account.

This article gives a clear-cut and standard procedure in getting suitable amount of likes and comments for photos. Even though the procedure does not involve any kind of short cut (as most shortcuts will only provide short-term results) and the goals vary among users, but one thing that users cannot fail to agree is Instagram is a lot more fun when you have other users following you.

The steps for increasing popularity in GB Instagram is given below –

Step 1: Creating a Portfolio

Now before you start posting pictures into your Instagram profile, you would need to ensure that the profile is attractive as well as informative. Seriously, no person is going to follow you if your profile is empty and has got half baked information. There should at least be about 15 to 30 interesting or nice photos. If you don’t have that number of photos, try working on it and make sure to avoid posting things which are not good.

There maybe many of us who are good photographers and feel that Instagram is the best medium for showcasing their photography skill. In such cases, it is necessary that the photographs posted by you have to be of excellent quality. It is much better if you post nothing rather than posting bad photographs. Additionally, if you are starting out in the field of photography, it is important to improvise your skills in photography before you attempt to create an audience on Instagram as most people often go for those photographers who photo is unique and interesting.

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If you are an iPhone user and use it for taking photos, then you could sign up for online iPhone photography tips and video tutorials. Make sure to take some time off to develop your talent in photography as it will be a pay-off when you become popular in the Instagram. Make sure to keep in mind that certain kinds of photos do quite well on Instagram and as per the feedback given by photography lovers who are Instagram users, photographs depicting reflection photos, beach photos, and sunset photos would get a lot of likes on the Instagram.

If you post portrait photos, they would generally get few likes and you could easily check out this by posting a reflection photo and portrait photo. You would see that the amount of likes reflection photo gets is more than portrait photos. Often most people think that they have the best photos, but other Instagram users may not have the same view. For becoming popular on Instagram, you would need to post those kinds of photos which followers want to view. That is why you may see that most of the people post beach and sunset photos as they are bound to get more likes.

If you are using Instagram for sharing what you had for dinner, how you are hanging out with your friends, then don’t expect people to start following you. If you are an attractive girl or an icon, such strategy can be quite effective, but this is not the type of audience a serious iPhone photographer would want to create.  Once again, it is necessary that you post only the best photo, even though you would be posting them few times in a week. No individuals want their Instagram photos to be flooded low-quality photos of people whom they don’t know or care about. Never post jokes or images which you may think is cool and avoid posting all kinds of random screenshots. Most people never appreciate such kind of things.

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Step 2: Try to Gain Attention

Once your profile has become interesting with the presences of some really interesting photos, it is time to get the attention of people online. There are various ways to do it and it is not so difficult. The first step what you could do is reaching out to the existing followers and friends from other social media networks. As such, people know about you, they are most often going to become your followers and they should be aware that you are using Instagram. Simply share a post with them or send them a message inviting to be your friends so that they can follow you.

Suppose you have a huge number of followers in other social media websites like Twitter and, just cross-post the Instagram photos to them. This way you would be simply creating Instagram followers through sharing interesting photos with those people who are interested in seeing them. Once that is done, the next thing you need to do is take advantage of the relevant hashtags while posting on the Instagram. This way the photos posted by you will appear quite often in the hashtag feed. Frankly, this is a good way of getting your photos popularize among various people.

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One thing you do have to keep in mind is the relevancy of the keyword as you don’t need to spam your post with a lot of irrelevant and unnecessary hashtags which are not related to the photo posted by you. Additionally, besides using hashtags, another easy means of getting the attention of other people is to start following a lot of people.

Frankly, the comments posted by you get noticed more by individuals who don’t have thousand of likes and comments. As they get less comments and have a few followers commenting on their photos, you can easily grab their attention and get them to be your followers and entice them provide comments for your recent postings.